Post #2: I Almost Snorted Sugar in a Cheap Motel

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The More You Eat It…

In case you haven’t heard, sugar is addictive.  As in, the more you eat it, the more you want it. If you’ve ever eaten a Krispy Kreme Donut, this isn’t news to you.

Studies show that sugar lights up and excites the same part of the brain as cocaine. I thought that sounded a little dramatic and over-stated until I actually gave up sugar.  After a couple of days, I was considering snorting a pile of sugar grains. (For effect, I would’ve used a razor, a mirror, and a cheap motel, just to see what that was like. And to feel more legitimate, of course.)

But, I didn’t cheat. I thought about cheating all day, every day for about two weeks after starting my very low-carb diet. I felt angry and tense.  I was shaky and had little energy.

I just wanted a freaking cookie!!!

But I stepped on the scale after only a couple of days and realized that this torture was actually working.  I had already lost a few pounds.

So, I made it a few more days without the much-desired cookie. And without the bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes, and sweets, as well.  My weight continued to drop and my dedication was strengthened.

I was eating lots of rotisserie chicken, some salads (with no croutons and with full-fat dressings), eggs, and most any other meat that didn’t have flour or sauces on it.  Bacon, omelets, chicken wings (fried, but unbreaded and unsauced), pork chops, beef roasts, steak, bunless burgers, cheese, pork rinds, pepperoni, and more bacon.  LOTS of bacon.


Worst Time to Start a Diet…Ever

I started this low-carb diet about 10 days before Thanksgiving.  Which was, in retrospect, STUPID. But I stuck to eating lots of turkey (with the skin), roast beef, ham, and any other meat that I could get my hands on.  No stuffing. No cranberry sauce.  No dessert.  It wasn’t easy, but my pants continued to loosen, so I tarried on.

I managed to live through those first couple of weeks, and by that point, the worst was over.  The shakiness was wearing off, and I could talk to other carb-consuming humans without wanting to physically harm them. Cookies were losing their power, and I was feeling more like myself, only better.

Let me state again, withdrawal from carbs is HARD. The symptoms are both physical and mental. Your body is literally converting from a carb-burning machine to a fat-burning machine, and is not really happy about it for a while.

But going through all of that was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.  Realizing how addicted I had been and finding out how very hard it was to get sugar out of my system would lead me to this declaration:  So help me God (and He did!), if I ever make it through this, I will never put myself through this torture again!!

You see, most of us never sit around wanting cocaine, because it’s not in our systems and never has been.  But for those users that keep getting “hits” here and there, the addiction lives on, making it almost impossible to break free.

Likewise, once the sugar, carbs, and addiction to all things “sweet” are totally out of your system, your brain and body stop asking for it.  They stop needing their fix.

When I finally I made it through the first few weeks, I no longer wanted the cookie so much.  And now, after ten years, I have no desire for a cookie whatsoever.  I crave a cookie the same way that I crave cocaine, which is to say, not at all.


What if there’s an easier way?


One year (and 80 pounds) after starting a low-carb diet.

So, yes, cutting out carbs is hard.  Really hard. So hard that most people will give in and never make it through to the other side.  But if you cut them out entirely, you will be free of them.  Free from your addiction and free from the substances that are keeping you from feeling, looking, and being your best.

I spent my first five or so years of this journey eating a very LOW carb diet (rather than a ZERO carb diet.)  I mostly ate meat, but also ate sugar-free jello, diet soda, low-carb veggies, and anything else that would give me a little “sweet fix” for those first five years.

Did I lose weight eating that way?  Yes.  I lost about 80 pounds in the first year.  And I lost another 40 or so pounds over the next four years.

Was there an easier way?  Yes.  Definitely.

I would eventually find a group of people who taught me that it was actually the *taste* of sweets themselves (even the sugar-free variety) that was keeping me from being totally free from my addiction to carbs.  I was about to meet my very first group of zero-carbers, and it was going to be another game-changer.  A whole new level of freedom and understanding awaited me. As did a much smaller pair of pants.


Up Next: I was low-carb. I was losing weight. But I still had to kill it in the gym, and I had a sweet tooth like a crack addict.




25 Responses

  1. Destiny

    I feel like this could even be a book, I’m so eager to read your next post! About a week ago, I started a low Carb, high protein diet and I have not stuck to it like I should, but hearing your story makes me want to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Valerie

    You wrote:
    “I would eventually find a group of people who taught me that it was actually the *taste* of sweets themselves (even the sugar-free variety) that was keeping me from being totally free from my addiction to carbs.”

    That’s my current pet theory. I don’t have much trouble quitting carbs, but I crave sweetness. I think eating something sweet increases my appetite (for more sweet foods but also for all other foods). I am not quite sure though, as I never completely stopped eating sweet foods. I have a hard time finding the motivation to try it.

    I hope you will write more about this.

  3. Granny Mumantoog (@GrannyMumantoog)

    I hope you start a twitter account so I can follow you. It’s an easy way to send out a notice when you post a new blog entry. You have an interesting story and you had a great Doctor for recommending low carb! Most of us have had to fight the system all the way 🙁 Hope to read more about your journey.

  4. Vered

    Thank you Kelly for sharing your amazing story. Do you eat only protein & oil? No vegetables at all?

    • Kelly Hogan

      No vegetables anymore. Not in my last five years of zero-carbing. Just meat, eggs, and a little dairy when I want it. Never felt better!

  5. Annette

    I found your blog though a facebook low carb group. I was sitting in the family room reading when you mentioned Krispy Kreme. I always know it’s a southerner when they talk about KK. Then I saw the picture of you in a South Iredell shirt and realized you are totally local to me. Kinda cool. I’m another Carolina girl from Denver NC…the west side of Lake Norman. Small world. Love the blog. I ate LC 10 years ago. Gave it up…gained 75 lbs…came back to LCHF in September. 25lbs down so far. Feel SO MUCH BETTER. Looking forward to following the blog!
    Congrats on your long term success!

  6. frieda

    how do you deal with the extreme “foggy, muggy, stale, brown” breath while on this?

  7. Elaine M. Andolino

    Congrats on your successful weight loss journey. Being addicted to carbs to, I know your journey was not an easy one, but it is doable.
    I have been struggling for 6 months, and I am beginning to realize that for me, too many vegetables, the heavy use of stevia, and trying commercial low carb and sugar free products, has kept my sugar taste buds alive.
    After reading your story, I am ready to put down the tracker, forget about the scale for for awhile, and try to, no, I will definitely give up the rest of the foods that are keeping my junky struggle alive. Thank you so much for your story Kelly, and God bless you for sharing and saving lives from the horrible addiction to SUGAR.

  8. patty

    I just got back from the doctor. Blood test results are in. I was told to go on a no carb no sugar diet. Roaming on line I found your page and I think its what Ive been looking for. I have always felt that sugar was a drug and I need to detox from it. No more excuses.

  9. Jared Faulk

    Hello! Noticed you have a South Iredell High School jacket on– I live in Iredell County, North Carolina and those are the same colors of our South high school. I love your story and am just soaking it up. I’m 17 and just trying to learn the most about nutrition as possible– hey I might even meet you in person one day! Thanks for sharing.
    Peace and Love,

    • Debra Thomas

      Hey, Jared!… Debra Thomas here. (Used to be at First Baptist). I’ve been watching dozens of videos for the last four weeks on zero carbs. No, checking out Kelly’s blog. We started eating this way 2.5 weeks ago (Aug. 16, 2018) and are already excited about some changes we’re seeing. It’s definitely the healthy way to go!

  10. Cathy

    Kelly, you say you have fish on occasion? What about a bacon wrapped scallop? Looking for apps for Thanksgiving. This so sounds ( finally ) like what my body needs ( the zero carb way of life ) Thank you!!!! Cathy

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–we’d love to find that pamphlet, but unfortunately it’s long gone.

  11. mayumi

    I’ve just started LCHF eating, almost 2 months in a week. If you don’t eat any vegetables, what’s your sources of fibre and electrolytes, specifically potassium and magnesium? Thank you

  12. Maggie

    this was really helpful for me to read. I’m only on day seven of an all meat diet and I really want to give up. I’m researching it and most people aren’t being as honest about their original withdraw symptoms so this was really nice for me to read because it made me feel less alone and encouraged! Thank you … Also the bacon wrapped scallops whoever wrote that in the comment section great idea

  13. Debra Thomas

    Just started carnivore on August 16, 2018. (2 and a half weeks). I did ketó for a year and a half, but only lost six pounds, and developed terrible boil-like lesions on my face, neck, and back. I’ve been inundated with antibiotics since I was six months old and have been chronically constipated since I was a teen. (I’m now a grandmother). To say I have felt desperate is an understatement. I go to a functional medicine chiropractor, but none of these issues have been resolved. I had never heard of carnivory until a month ago, but I’m impressed and my husband has joined me. Right now we’re watching every video, reading every blog, checking out every article we can locate, and enjoying grass fed beef, chicken, and eggs to our hearts content! Your story of being overweight resonates with many. Thank you

  14. shazia

    Hi , I started gaining weight in College and gained 60 lbs and it is awful. All my labs are good. I gained gas I was stressed and ate too much . but since 1 year I am back to my parents hope and eating my old/mom/ home cooked meals with low carb started 3 months ago. I don’t exercise, and there is not a single pound lost i usually undercut than my calorie requirements and was hopeful that I would drop all the excess -60 lbs weight like others are loosing in a matter of months. I have actually gained a few pounds. very discourage and don’t know what to do. Do you offer 1: 1 coaching I really need that help. Please respond and I can get help from you to loose all my weight.


  15. Nasira

    Hey Shazia did you ever loose those 60 pounds? Just wondering. I
    Started carnivore diet in January 2020. I went strictly on it for three weeks and lost about 11 lbs. After that quarantine of COVID-19 happened and gained few pounds back by putting low carbs and some vegetables in but lost them again after I went back on strictly carnivore again last month(June). Now I have lost total 18 pounds With zero carbs and zero sugar. No sweeteners either except Dr.Berg’s electrolytes in my water. Hope you found the courage to go carnivore Shazia for weight loss and health.

  16. Carson

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