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The Beginning

I always knew that if I were “naturally skinny” (like REALLY skinny), my life would be infinitely more perfect.  My favorite fantasy was that I could eat anything I wanted and stay thin. It would have definitely been one of my top three wishes, had I ever found a genie-filled bottle, possibly picked ahead of “infinite riches” and “omnipotence”.

I sometimes wondered what naturally-skinny people ever even worried about?  With little size 2 fitted jeans, taut thighs, and bellies full of cheesecake, what problems could they possibly have?  I couldn’t imagine.

But I wasn’t one of the “lucky ones”.  Never had been.

Like most every other chubby girl, I had “tried everything”.  I had worked out, eaten low-fat, starved myself, tried the “nutritional shakes”, taken the diet pills, and attempted anything else that promised that I would magically not be fat anymore.  I had even tried a pickle diet once.  (I actually lost about 20 pounds eating only pickles for a month.  Turns out, that’s pretty hard to keep up, though.)

Despite all of my work and desperate attempts, when I got married in 2002, I wore a size 22/24 wedding dress.  Though happy to be getting married, I still vividly remember how uncomfortable and self-conscious I was that day.


And for the next two years after the wedding, I only continued to gain weight.  “Happy-married-weight” wasn’t feeling so happy.

I held pillows on my lap when I sat on couches.  I avoided cameras unless it was a close up.  I was only intimate in the dark and under the covers.  And all the while, I was trying to diet and exercise. Constantly feeling hungry and constantly wondering what was wrong with me.

In 2004 (which was over TEN years ago, if you can believe that!), I went to visit my general practitioner for a check-up.  I stepped on the scales and saw the number 262.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment.  Something about that number just stunned me. Two hundred and sixty two.  That sounded big.  That sounded big, even for a MAN.  My eyes welled with tears.

My doctor, Dr. Dunlap, was a kind, very thin, older man, who very gently, but firmly recommended that I lose at least 100 pounds.  He said it very casually, as if he had recommended that I wear blue.  Or part my hair on the other side.

Sure.  Let’s do that.  Let’s lose 100 pounds. I wish I had thought of that.

And there, in the doctor’s office, I lost it.  It wasn’t “UGLY crying”, but it was close.  I explained that I didn’t have a CLUE how to lose 100 pounds.  I blubbered through my laundry list of failed diet attempts and then looked at him as I wiped my eyes and wondered how bad my mascara had smeared. I was humiliated.

And then…he simply handed me a pamphlet.

(Great.  A pamphlet. Problem solved, right?)

Dr. Dunlap explained that one side of the paper had all of the foods that are considered “carbohydrates”.  He said to avoid everything on that list.  I looked it over and quickly identified all of my favorite foods.  ALL of them.  Cereal, pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit, soda, sweets, and even some condiments like ketchup and BBQ sauce.

Admittedly, I was not excited when he said to eat NOTHING from the carbohydrate list.  Never. Not even on birthdays.

But then he turned the paper over.  I saw bacon, steak, eggs, omelets, chicken wings, burger patties, cheese, some low-carb vegetables, mayonnaise, mustard, black coffee, and seltzer water.

Well……………okay.  Maybe.

I asked the doctor how many calories I should eat per day.  He said….(and this is the best part)….that it didn’t matter.  He said to just eat until I was full, as long as I didn’t eat anything from the “carb” side.

I looked at him with total skepticism and said, “I can eat ALL I WANT from this side, as long as I don’t touch anything from THAT side?”  He said that was correct.

After leaving his office, I thought things through and decided that I would follow my doctor’s suggestions.  I was in.  Skeptical, but committed.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but it was one of the most defining moments of my life.  I was on the brink of a break-through, about to be forever changed.  All of the struggles, the heart-ache, and the desperation had led me to here, this precipice.  All I had to do was jump.





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  1. Todd

    Hey! Keep it up, I wanna read the next chapter (even though I already know your amazing story!). 🙂

  2. Lisa Fluke

    Ok Kelly, only chicken wings , the other parts of chicken is a no no . What about veggies which ones can u eat, u have done an awesome job with your weight 🙂

  3. Destiny

    Such an inspiring story, I see myself through you as I’m struggling with what you did. I feel like this is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Heather

    Inspiring Kelly! So happy the gym & working out brought us together as friends! James your writing is always entertaining, you are truly blessed with talent!

  5. Cara

    I had quite a similar experience except I “only” had 50 pounds to lose – tried everything, always struggled with weight, until I went low carb-high fat and now two years later I’m finally one of “those people” who never struggles with weight, has loads of energy, etc. What a revelation to find out fat doesn’t make you fat but actually stops you from overeating! Well done on your blog. Keep up the great work!

  6. Susan Cook

    Kelly, I am so glad Scott shared your story, he is such a cheerleader! I have had a struggle ( in my adult years) with my weight. Being only 5 ft. and 60 the weight seems to have found its “forever” place on me. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  7. Tinsley Ducote

    I”AM A SUGAR ADDICT…This is my second day with out artificial sweeteners… I have been stalled for 2 1/2 months was ready to give up…I read you post on FB… This morning I had bullet proof coffee which I stop drinking because I thought that was stalling me but I was putting 2paks splenda in it..Every night I had to have something sweet. I would make cream cheese egg whipping cream 1 pak of splenda and 1 stevia that was my treat….but it all stems back to sugar. SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR…Before I started LC/HF I would not eat food I ate cookies ice cream candy..I have been on every diet HCG had my stomach stapled,diet pills, atkins,Ideal protein,…I’m 54 years old and I’m 4’10 and I weighed 226….I started low carb in sept lost 20lbs and stalled since Jan….When I read your post it gave me hope…I hate vegetables for one I don’t have time to prepare meals….This just sounds so easy and simple and I need simple….You probably need to start your own group on Zero Carbs…In just two days I can almost feel my weight moving..I have been stuck at 203 to 200 lb’s for over 2 months… My keto sticks are dark red I decided to get on scale at 9:00 at night and it read 199…So Thank You, ThankYou…Thank You…I will let you know how it’s going…My biggest hurdle is water ugh……Tinsley

    • Kelly Hogan

      I’m so very excited for you!!!! Wonderful news! Please keep me posted! I have a feeling that your life is about to get SO much simpler! And that your pants are about to get SO much smaller! 😉

      • Tinsley Ducote

        How much water do you drink? Do you ever drink infused water? Do you drink bullit proof coffee?

        • Tinsley Ducote

          Kelly I’m Catholic and I own a Catholic Gift Store..Lent is coming up meaning fasting from meat….Can I use mayo in tuna fish? What are some of the ways you eat fish shrimp,I also live in Louisiana we eat crawfish which is highly seasoned lots of salt. Do we stay away from salty foods?

  8. Karen

    Congratulations on your journey. You’ve definitely improved your health. Just wanna say, you were a beautiful bride.

    I look forward to future blogs.

  9. Karen L

    do you still have a copy of the pamphlet he gave you? I would love to have a copy if you do. It’s easier for me to go by a list for some reason…lol

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… sorry, but the pamphlet is no more. Thanks for reading! //jh

  10. CJ

    I found this blog when you’d only posted maybe 3 times and now I am craving more. I cut out sugar and carbs on January 5th this year and have lost 22 pounds already. And, from day 1 I’ve not had a craving or been tempted to cheat. Low carb food is delicious . I’m thinking of going zero carb because it’s so much easier with less planning. You’ve inspired me. You look amazing!!

  11. Paul

    I was 300 lbs and miserable, then Adkins, endless jogging and sugar free got me to to 200. I toned down the jogging cheated a little and was 240 before I knew it so I went ketogenic with nothing that tastes sweet but only lift weights and play tennis and I’m stuck at 210. I don’t think 5 miles of jogging daily is good for the joints and it doesn’t give my leg muscles time to recover at 64 so I think I found my next step through a “Wheat Belly” post about the Zero Carb” diet that led me to a blog “Eat Meat. Drink Water” which led me to a Facebook page which led me to your blog. I have believed for a while that the less carbs you ate the healthier you would be, and the his is such a logical next step. Thanks for your blog, Paul

  12. Timothy Wilson

    Having tried LCHF from August last year with reasonable benefits, I had recently fallen ill with chest problems and having had pneumonia two years ago would like to allow my body to heal properly. Your story is a wonderful encouragement to me to start on ZC but I’m concerned about something – I don’t like fat on my meat. Ever since a child, I have never been able to eat the fat and have always left this on my plate (except for pork belly). Is it essential that e.g. steak fat is eaten with the steak for this way of eating to work? Timothy

    • Kelly Hogan

      Eat meat any way you like it. You may find that yor tastes change, but even leaner looking cuts of beef still have quite a bit of fat calories in them. Best wishes to you! Please keep in touch!

  13. edith barnett

    kelly do you still have the pamplet the dr gave sure would love to have a copy keep up the good job hope i can do as good goping to try thank you

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… unfortunately, no luck. Thanks for reading!

  14. Mickey

    I need your help please!! I am so over weight and don’t have a support system and don’t know where to ever start.

  15. Stephanie

    I heard that eating low/no carb makes your breath stink. Did u ever have that problem?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here — I can’t say definitively if low/no carb has an effect on breath one way or another, but I can tell you there are a few good breath spray options out there if you’re interested. Stick with natural/organic with no sweeteners added.

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for responding, and congratulations Kelly! You look great!!!

      • Linda

        Found some on Amazon. It’s called Herbal Choice Mari Organic Breath Fresh. Here’s the ingredients: Purified Water, organic peppermint oil, organic fennel oil, organic thyme oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic clove oil. No sugar or any sweeteners. Gotta love it 🙂

  16. Debbie Heine

    Just discovered your site. Looking forward to reading everything!!

    • jamesdhogan

      When you scroll about a third of the way down any of the website pages, you should see a link to subscribe via email. Be sure to sign up! –James

  17. Jason

    45 years old…..male…..277 pounds. I can’t believe it’s there in black and white. I never thought that’d be me. I’ll follow your blog. I’m so damn depressed about this DR. office visit. Thanks for the time you’ve taken.

  18. beth

    So lucky that you had a physician who pushed a low/no carb diet instead of the “standard” low fat high carb diet. We need more doctors like that in the US!

  19. L.D

    I wish someone had given me this advice back when I really needed it. My Dr. Dialog was this.

    Dr. You need to lose weight.
    ME I know.
    Dr. Do you know why you’re overweight?
    ME Yup, I eat too much.
    Dr. OK.

    He did offer to Rx a diet drug for my wife at one point when she asked for help.

    My whole family is healthier now. I’m the only one taking the low carb thing seriously, but I cook a lot and on the days I cook there are no carbs on the table. My wife is 1/2 committed, she eats low carb when she’s cooking for me, otherwise she’s just lower carb. When my kids are eating ice cream or Oreos I eat a peach or a square of dark chocolate. They tend to eat less crap when they see me happily nibbling on my dark chocolate or Keto cookies. I made keto cheesecake for Mother’s day. At least they have an example to follow.

    My mom is in her late 70’s – keto has transformed her life too – no more Rx drugs, she’s getting her last 10 lbs off. For the first time in her life she’s excited to be on a “diet”. Keto is fun, it works, and you feel absolutely great as you melt the pounds off.

    AND it’s been known that carbs make you fat since the 1800’s!!!!!!

  20. Pam Hellman

    I live in Statesville, too. My backstory is much like Kelly’s. I’ve been very inspired by her story and I am currently on a zero carb eating plan. I am doing well. Still have about 95 pounds to go. I will be 73 my next birthday.

  21. Tania

    What vegetables were on the Pamphlet that the doctor gave you? Also do you have a copy of the pamphlet? Thank you.

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