Post #4: Three Reasons Zero Carb is Easier Than Low Carb

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So, Low Carb Turned Out to Be Really Hard

After five years of eating only low-carb foods, I had lost more than 120 pounds.  I had been over-weight my entire life and had even become officially obese in adulthood, so I was ecstatic about my new size!  But I was less than thrilled with how hard I was working to stay that way.

I was fighting constant cravings for sweets and carbs.  I was trying to satisfy my relentless sweet-tooth with sugar-free Franken-foods and cases of diet sodas, spending a ridiculous amount of money on Atkins bars, Jello, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

I was working out two hours each day, just trying to hold steady and not regain the pounds, and I was completely overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up this lifestyle for the rest of my days.  Was being skinny really worth all of this?! Yes? Maybe? Kind of? Okay, it was, yes. But not by a large margin.

And just when I felt like my grip on the rope was slipping, I happened to find a website completely dedicated to a Zero-Carb lifestyle. It was a large and very active forum, composed exclusively of people who ate a zero-carb diet with NO allowances for sweet tastes or “sugar free” products at all.

This forum wasn’t about finding low-carb and sugar-free recipes, as was the case with most low-carb websites.  These people simply ate from the animal kingdom.  Meat, eggs, and dairy. Nothing complicated.  No recipes or fake food products needed.

These “Zero-Carbers” reported that they were completely free from carb cravings and had lost all desire for carbs.

And these folks weren’t there to discuss work-out routines, either.  In fact, they didn’t work-out to lose weight at all.  And they looked good. Really good.  Like, washboard abs, clear skin, and excellent physiques. REALLY good.


But…How Do They Poop?

I was immediately interested.  I already knew that I felt my best when my carb intake was at its lowest, but I had no idea that there were people out there who were thriving without any carbs at all.  But there they all were: pages and pages of journals full of testimonials about the amazing effects of eating an animal-based diet with no carbs at all.

It sounded so crazy, though!  It was all so opposed to everything I had ever heard about nutrition.  I mean, what about the freaking Food Pyramid, people?!  No fruits? No vegetables? What about all the vitamins and nutrients that we all supposedly need?  I mean, how do these people not have scurvy?!

And everyone’s favorite question:  WHAT ABOUT FIBER??  How do they poop without fiber?!!

Even though my head was full of questions, something about this also spoke to my own experiences and successes on a low-carb diet, so I wanted to read more.

I found writings by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who had determined that one full year of eating a diet comprised of only high-fat meat had caused him to look and feel his absolute personal best.  And that led me to read some really interesting research about WHY carb elimination works.  I read study after study that showed that the lower the carbs, the quicker the weight loss.  (Some really cool studies can be found here and also on Zero Carb Path.)

From all of this reading, I learned:  There have been entire cultures of people throughout history to live–and thrive!–on all-meat diets (namely, the Inuit Indians and the Eskimos).  And that there are currently people all over the world who eat no carbs at all and look and feel amazing.

I read about how insulin is the real root cause of weight gain.  By eliminating carbs and sugars, your blood sugar can stabilize, your insulin can self-regulate, and your body can begin losing weight.

Spikes in insulin cause your body to store fat.  When your blood sugar and insulin hold steady and in-check, your body can start using fat for fuel, and you will start losing weight.


3 Findings From Eating a Zero-Carb Diet

After seeing the many journals of zero-carbers worldwide and after reading a large number of studies, history, and research, I decided to leave behind my low-carb diet and begin my zero carb life. And here are my top three observations: (Pay attention, because these are kind of huge.

1) Without ANY sweets or carbs (including artificial sweeteners), I was able to finally rid myself of a sweet tooth.  I stopped giving my body, mouth, and brain those little hits of sweets, which led me to no longer want it at all. Seriously, NO MORE DESIRE FOR CARBS AND SWEETS. Huge, right?

2)  I had far more energy eating very high-fat meats, versus the leaner meats that I had been eating while on a low-carb diet. I, along with most people who eat a zero-carb diet have found that eating a LOT of fat is key.  I know it sounds counterintuitive.  Fat makes you fat, right?  WRONG. Fat gives you tons of energy and makes you feel amazing!  Also, eating fat causes you to lose weight.  Fast. Like Heidi Klum on maternity leave!

3) I no longer needed to rigorously exercise to lose weight. (Hallelujah and AMEN!) Without ANY carbs or sweeteners, I didn’t have to kill it in the gym to stay thin. This was reason enough to put down the diet soda and kiss the carbs and sweeteners good-bye forever!

After five years of losing weight on a LOW carb diet, I had finally found the key to losing weight and keeping it off! without ever having cravings.  Without having to exercise. Without having to starve myself.

Just eat ZERO carbs and taste nothing sweet.  Ever.

Did you catch that part? Never. No cake on your birthday. No pasta when you go to Olive Garden. No sugar free gums, diet sodas, or Atkins bars. Nothing sweet  I repeat: NOTHING SWEET.

That was the key to finally killing my relentless sweet tooth, stabilizing my blood sugar, and allowing for quick and effortless weight loss.  Just eat meat and avoid all sweets.

That’s it.

It’s so easy, and yet, so difficult for many people to wrap their heads around.  Trust me, I understand.

People often ask, “What do you actually eat?!” Well, I eat foods from the animal kingdom, which means, almost exclusively MEAT.  And not just any meat.  I try to eat the tastiest, most high-fat meats that I can get my greasy little hands on.  I’m talking about bacon, untrimmed steaks, fried chicken wings, bacon, juicy burger patties, chicken thighs with skin, pork chops, bacon, beef roasts, and, of course, more bacon.  (MMmmm…bacon…)

People want recipes, tricks, menus, and yes, even pamphlets.  But I can sum it all up real quickly:  Eat meat if you’re hungry.  Drink water if you’re thirsty.  And avoid all carbs.

And then, enjoy your life.

Oh, and go buy some smaller pants.


NEXT: My life on a zero-carb diet was exciting and new, but then I visited my doctor, and when she delivered the news, I immediately worried about whether or not I should continue eating the way I was.

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  1. Lesley from zioh!

    KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier that you are blogging your story. Cannot wait for the next installation. What happened to zioh?!?! That was fast. xo

  2. Crystal fox

    keep it up!! I know you’re not a doctor, but is this safe for chron’s patients? Any research on that you know of?

    • John

      Lutz, an Austrian internist who used low-carb diets in his clinical practice, also treated Crohn’s patients (March 1985): “103 patients suffering from Crohn’s disease were treated by a low-carbohydrate diet. After a quarter of year most patients (85 percent) showed remarkable improvement in their health. After half a year, more than 60 percent were asymptomatic, after one year more than 70 percent and after one and a half year about 85 percent. ” He remarks: “The distinction between Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis is of significance. Crohn’s disease, in contrast to ulcerative colitis, heals with great probability within six months to one year and usually without complications. There are individual patients who have difficulties changing from the high-carbohydrate standard diet to the low-carbohydrate diet; they worsen acutely, have diarrhoea, fever and so on. However, this rarely lasts longer than a few weeks. Potential remnants (fistulas, etc.) must be removed surgically if they do not heal spontaneously; also narrowings in the bowel may require surgical intervention. However, if possible, one should wait until the underlying illness has resolved, until iron level, erythrocyte sedimentation and stools have normalized.”

  3. Fr. James

    A great post. Actually I just read the last three posts (something I never do on any blog). Thanks for the motivation. Keep it up!

  4. Adam

    I think I could do this, except for the occasional beer binge. No alcohol, ever?

    • Kelly Hogan

      I have bourbon, whiskey, or scotch when I want a drink. I didn’t drink until I lost most all of the weight I had to lose. But I don’t find that a drink of hard liquor on occasion causes me any problems, including weight gain or cravings.

      • Kelly Johnson

        Kelly, can I ask what do you drink your whisky scotch or bourbon with? I’m trying to ditch diet sodas, I don’t drink often probably like twice a month but when I do I’m wondering what our how?? Do you drink them neat.? P. S. Cool name by the way 😉

        • jamesdhogan

          Kel’s husband James here–just my opinion, but I think good bourbon doesn’t need anything other than a glass and a chunk of ice. Water helps open up the flavor of a good bourbon–but to be honest, you can drink it neat, which is what I like to do in the winter. Scotch is best served neat as well. No need for ice.

  5. Heidi

    Hey Kelly! I am loving reading your story! I did my first Whole 30 last year and saw amazing results but STILL have the TERRIBLE sugar cravings, because I give in occasionally. Duh. Ugh. Thanks for inspiring me to quit. For real. I must ask though….no vegetables? And I may be jumping the gun but I’m dying to know. Only meat? I just keep thinking what about your cholesterol?! How’s your heart?

    I do get the fat thing though. I’ve done a lot of reading too and full fat is THE way to go.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. kristal

    I love this blog…you write so well and I agree with others that you should turn it into a book. I do have one question though for you…is it not true that protein in excess will convert into glucose?!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… Kel explains it this way–when you’re eating huge amounts of very lean meat, that phenomenon sometimes occurs. You can test your own blood sugar to find out how it affects you, and always consult your doctor when making major dietary changes. //jh

  7. Larry Rotenberg CFA

    how were you blood results? cholesterol etc…..any concerns on zero carbs

    • Kelly Hogan

      My blood work has done nothing but improve since removing carbs from my diet. Excellent numbers all around! In fact, once I recieved my bloodwork results in the mail and my docto had drawn a smiley face on the paper!

      Thank you so much for reading!!

  8. Tina Woodgate

    Thats where im going wrong, still craving “sweet”, Diet Coke, Sugar Free Jelly, Fat Bombs! But seriously, you only eat meat? You eat Salad? Dairy?

    • Kelly Hogan

      Yes, seriously. Meat.

      And occasionally I’ll have some eggs, heavy cream, or some cheese. But no salads anymore.

      And if I’m going out for a date night with my husband, I may have a drink of straight liqour, but nothing sweet ever.

      By far, mostly high-fat, delicious meat.

      • Seva Irvine

        Hello Kelly, I just found you and am very intrigued. I am diabetic and have trouble controlling my insulin. I find when going out to dinner with friends that I have a very difficult time. What do you order when going out for dinner? I am fine with eating the same thing everyday, I know I can do that and will start today but I go out often with friends and I need help with that. I am so glad that I found you!

        • jamesdhogan

          Kel’s husband James here–it might sound overly simple, but Kel just orders meat when she goes out! If we’re at a steakhouse, she’ll order steak. If we’re at a burger joint, she’ll order burgers. No buns, no bread, no sides of mashed potatoes. Just meat. 🙂

  9. Debra

    Hi Kelly, I’m very intrigued and excited by your blog. I started eating LCHF 2 weeks ago and feel amazing. I don’t enjoy cooking so I haven’t been trying to concoct allot of low carb dishes with alternative sweeteners. To be honest, I don’t crave sugar. But, I have been enjoying avocados, cheese, and butter. But it sounds like you don’t really eat those on this plan?

  10. JoeyAnnie

    Absolutely true!! I have been following the LC woe for many years and I know that it works but……….when I found LCHF it really clicked! I found myself gravitating toward meat and dairy only because anything else left me hungry too 😀 My BRAIN just does better when I simplify things. I FEEL so much better. I just had my 65th birthday last week and I can’t tell you how badly I wish that I had realized this SO much earlier in my life. I was proud of myself for finding Atkins in the 80’s and using it for 20+ years to maintain but….I never FELT GOOD………. physically! I was thinner(praise God) but I never ever lost the sweet cravings, like you. I never lost the desire for the occasional binge thus….I never got the optimal health benefits for my body and mind. Once I decided to KISS ( keep it simple sweetie…cz I’m not stupid 🙂 everything changed. I am happy to have found your blog and I just know that it is going to help so many people to realize that the key is NOT to substitute for the sugar it’s to get rid of it and ALL of it’s evil, wicked, mean, bad and nasty little cousins. No more poisons for me 😀

    Thanks for being a beacon of light for all those seeking to a find pain-free WOL,


    • Kelly Hogan

      Not surprised. They’re LOW carb and I’m NO carb. Seems like a minor difference, but some people get really hung up on it. I’m happy to have had some support from over there, though. I’m definitely on their side! Any reduction in sugars and carbs is HUGE! 🙂

  11. wendy e

    I am amazed by your progress! I have been low carb for a long time, but am now, just recently zero carb. I was wondering if you could share the zero carb forum link? I would love to join and feel part of a community

    • wendy e

      I also meant to add, that the low carb forums I belong to are constantly talking about cheats, fake sugars, low carb breads, low carb pastas, low carb bars, low carb candy—etc…..and I know I don’t belong there….

  12. Christine

    Hi there! I have been locarb for almost 2 years & will never go back! I am 5 ft tall & 44 years old. I had some carb creep over the holidays. It is not coming off as fast & I have been strict. Suggestions?
    Also I wondered your age? You look amazing!

    • Kelly Hogan

      I am 36. And thank you!! 🙂

      As for breaking a plateau, lowering carbs and removing all tastes of sweet usually helps. Otherwise, maybe try adding fat, but reducing amounts of food. So, instead of eating a LOT of london broil (for example), have a smaller amount, but make it a very fatty rib-eye. Worth trying anyway. I mean, what tastes better than a rib-eye?! 😉

  13. Seth

    I’m curious on meal prep for zero carb. I have a pretty hectic/unreliable schedule due to my job. So, meal prep for me can be problematic at times. Would there be anything wrong with just getting zero carb fully cooked bacon and zero carb cheese or something for those times? Obviously I’d love to do burgers and steaks given the time, but was curious about those occasions where time is not so much on your side. Great story by the way, I have very much enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mickey

    what about vitamins? Do you take them? I need help losing weight so bad but I am vitamin deficiency.

    • Kelly Hogan

      I don’t take vitamins. Fresh meat, especially beef, is very nutrient dense. However, if you’re unsure, why not just take a supplement for a while? See how you feel. I would think that the most important thing is to eliminate the carbs/sugars, make it through withdrawal, and get your weight down.

      Best of luck! Please keep in touch! 🙂

      • Mickey

        Thanks Kelly, I am just starting this I loved reading about you.. My life is a lot like yours I have lost control and I need to take it back. Just wish I had some support. I am so happy I found this zerocarbing… You look super.. I have done the low carb I just need to get rid of my diet soda.. Once again thanks for your support☺️

  15. AnitaB

    This has been intriguing and inspiring! I have just completed 2 days without any artificial sweetener of any kind. What is your feeling about coconut oil and avocados? Today I had an all meat day and ate only 2 meals because I just was not hungry. I’m kind of excited 🙂

    • Kelly Hogan

      Some people are more insulin resistant than others. I don’t handle even the carbs in vegetables well, but some people don’t have such a hard time with them. If it were me, I think I would try just meat/eggs and water for a while and then, if you still want to, try adding coconut oil and avocados. See how you feel. Congrats on the first two days in the books! It only gets easier! 🙂

  16. Trish

    Congratulations on you loss. You look great. You look healthy. Just what I have been looking for. I am so excited to find your blog. I have tried so many things. I been low carb, high fat for a while, but not losing. I have now dropped all carbs and the weight is starting to move down. I know that at this time I don’t need to give myself so many low carb choices. It is a slippery slope. Now I am like you. I don’t even think about food. It is just not on my radar anymore. When I feel hungry, I eat meat. I drink water and have my bullet coffee in the morning. I love this style of eating.
    Thanks for the blog. You have a dedicated follower.


  17. florencia

    I am in awe of your dramatic change and the commitment you show every day to your health. Good job! One question I have is about loose skin after losing the weight. I read that you exercised like a crazy woman. Is that what prevented you from having loose skin to contend with? I have to say that loose skin sounds better than the full skin I have now, but I am curious if no carb eating somehow also helped minimize loose skin. I am garnering the energy to follow your lead.

    • Kelly Hogan

      I truly think the low/no carb diet is what prevented the sagging skin. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was 25 years old, but I’ve seen plenty of young people lose weight (on other diets) and still struggle with excess skin. I did exercise, but only after I had lost a LOT of the weight from just eating a low-carb diet. I mostly just took walks while I lost the first 80-100 pounds. I REALLY worked my tail off to lose that next 20 pounds while eating a low-carb diet. I don’t think it was the exercise that kept me from having extra skin, though. I think weightloss and how we look and feel is at LEAST 90% diet.

      Best of luck to you! Please keep in touch! 🙂

  18. Bean Bruno

    Hi Kelly, I’m new to zero carbing, but I can def feel the difference (from low carb). I can’t tolerate even low carb. I understand you eat mean, beef primarily. I wonder what your thoughts are on ground turkey and also on olive oil and coconut oil? I like ground turkey, but I add homemade olive oil mayo since it tastes too dry by itself. I love ground beef too, but sometimes I just feel like having ground turkey…with oil. Is bird game, i.e. turkey, chicken duck, not a good idea for any reason? …same question for olive oil and coconut oil. Did you ever experience a weight loss stall or other negative effect by eating any of these things? Thanks for your input! Bean

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… I’d say that lean meat is harder mostly because it takes so much for you to feel full. No reason it’s bad per se. Enjoy! //jh

  19. Candi Leftwich

    okay-you have inspired me. I’ve been LC for several months, with no real weight loss-but I don’t have much to lose. I was doing LC with the hopes of increased energy. I officially started ZC this morning. Yummy sausage and eggs for breakfast, black coffee. I’m thinking chicken thighs for supper tonight…or maybe some carnitas if I can find some pork butt! This is very freeing…not counting carbs.

    Oh-I have tons of bone broth that I’ve made in huge batches. I’m assuming it’s okay to have that? I have a good supply of beef, pork and chicken broths.

    One other thing…I’m not a huge fan of plain water. Is there an issue with adding a shot of raw ACV to my water?

    • Kelly Hogan

      Bone broth is a great zero-carb food. And as long as you feel good and have no complaints, I wouldn’t stress too much about a little vinager. But of you start having any problems, I would start with eliminating that first. When in doubt, meat and water. But I wouldn’t think it would be a problem. 🙂

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  21. Lori riley

    Wow, your journey is amazing!!! I find myself day dreaming to have your success!!! I too am at your starting weight, but no pamphlet telling me what to or not to eat!!!! Can you share?? I am 47 feel like 67. Use to be a gym rat in my early forties. Now just a mess.

    • Angel


  22. Zero Carb Interview: Kelly Williams Hogan | Eat Meat. Drink Water.

    […] I had already been eating a very low carb diet for five years, so it wasn’t a major change to drop those last 10-20 carbs per day. It was a challenge in social situations, because those last 10 carbs can certainly help you fit in at a party! But otherwise, I was very ready to abandon the low-carb “franken” foods and just stick to my favorite foods: steak, burgers, bacon, roasts, etc. (Note: For more detail on Kelly’s experience moving from low car to Zero Carb, please read her blog post: Three Reasons Zero Carb is Easier than Low Carb.) […]

  23. Lrcjvl

    Wow! Struggling with the last 10 pounds.
    – Atkins bars
    – diet Dr Pepper
    – sugar free Jello
    These are the 3 biggies for me on low carb. Going to try 30 days of zero carb – and slay that three headed dragon!!

  24. Mariah Hochhauser

    Loving discovering your blog I hope I find a way to continue reading it to hear the next installment Ya know the one where the Doc says, This is NOT good for you, then cant back it up

  25. Martha

    Wow, you´re amazing! I have been in Low Carb for years. But never have had your results. Im very happy to read your blog. I will be here often. I hope you share your daily intakes. Now I understand I need to quit from splenda, diet coke, jello and all the tons of no sugar things I have in my kitchen. (I’m from México)

  26. dw

    You have worked so hard on your website and are to be commended on sharing your weight loss strategies. There was an entry that you posted stating your consumption of alcohol. As a fellow Christian, I am compelled to respond, especially since my Savior had already been brought into the discussion. I don’t think that any of us can fully understand the mind of Christ, but can certainly seek to know His will by talking to Him daily, reading His Word, and using our mind and sense of reasoning to distinguish cause and effect. There have been countless arguments on the Biblical stance a Christian should take, on the use of alcohol as a beverage. I have read the different Biblical statements/actions by Jesus on the subject,as I know you have. I also know that not everyone agrees on whether the”wines”/beverages in Jesus’ day were fortified as ours are today. But, One thing I know in my heart-Jesus said our bodies are to be the temple of God, and I know He doesn’t want us to put things in it that are harmful.From my reading, I think the drinks you mentioned are at least 40% alcohol. And even though you are probably drinking only a small amount, it is a scary thought to know that alcohol is a Drug that is physically and psychologically addictive. The predominant mindset is that an intelligent person of means will never become dependent on alcohol. If that is true, there must be a lot of unintelligent people in Hollywood and all around the world who appeared pretty smart and successful when they started out-drug free! Alcohol is very deceptive and draws one into its dependence gradually. I have painfully listened to friends tell me of their loved-ones who went from social drinking with business associates to total financial and physical ruin- all from alcohol addiction. My husband and I have lifted urine-soaked friends from their beds to take them to hospitals to try and get them sober, only to repeat the process in a few weeks. It is a site that embeds in your mind, particularly when you knew that the people were beautiful, intelligent, successful business men and women, and have been totally rejected by their family because of futile attempts to help them. Satan is the father of lies, and as long as life goes perfectly well, alcohol may not totally ruin your life. But I do not consider myself a strong person on my own, and it is a gamble I do not want to take. I pray that your future holds only happy events and there will never be any tragic events that would make you want to escape reality, like some have had to deal with.
    There are some sweet Christian young people in our local high schools who are taking some hard, lonely stands against alcohol use and they desperately need us as role models. Alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined. It is a factor in the 3 leading causes of deaths among 15-24 year olds- accidents, homicides, and suicides. Young people who drink are 7.5 times more likely to use other illegal drugs and 50 times more likely to use cocaine than young people who never drink. An estimated 15 million Americans suffer from alcoholism and 40% of all car accident deaths in the US involve alcohol. A US Department of Justice study has shown that as many as 40% of violent crimes occur under the influence of alcohol……Lastly, I know everyone has their own opinion on things, and I am not trying to be obstinate. It’s just that certain issues really are a cause of concern and care. I guess I’m just happy without alcohol and instead of looking for reasons to drink it, I’m just observing and reading of so many reasons not to. Thank you for this opportunity to express my thoughts. May the Lord continue to lead, guide and bless you on your road to good health!

  27. Marge

    I am so happy I found your blog! I couldn’t figure out why I was so down today…just really depressed for no reason…but then I read your blog and I discovered I did have a lot of carbs today..never really realized what kind of effect they would have on my mood! Duh!

  28. Susan

    This sounds like a really healthy lifestyle. I am doing LCHF and started it mainly for my type 2 diabetes, which is now under control with no meds. I have read and found on different occasions, that large amounts of meat will give me a higher blood sugar reading. Do you know anything about how this 0 carb diet will affect my diabetes?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… thanks for reading! Always consult your doctor before attempting major dietary changes–especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. //jh

  29. AJM

    Kelly, I just happened to “stumble” onto your blog via Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb email updates in my inbox. I’ve seen occasional blurbs about “zero carb living” websites from time to time on the LCHF Facebook pages I read daily. I’m very intrigued, to say the least. I started LCHF at the beginning of January this year. I eliminated ALL forms/sources of sugar and caffeine from my diet, and for the first 2-3 weeks I avoided ALL artificial sweeteners as well. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, just trying to break my sugar addiction and calorie counting obsession. But in the process I lost 5 pounds. After that 3rd week, I started adding back in stevia for “slightly” sweet sugar-free desserts after meals. The 5 lbs crept back on, and I now always want that “dessert”!! Oh, and I’m still calorie counting!! Ugh!! I feel so entrapped in this cycle, and I want to break it. My question for you: I LOVE vegetables! What is your opinion on keeping only low carb vegetables (yes, I know you’re NO carb), meat, low/no carb dairy, and fat in the diet, while eliminating all forms of sweets/artificial sweeteners in order to break the sweet craving cycle? If I weren’t consuming a “dessert” (aka, “extra meal”) after each meal, calorie counting probably would be unnecessary, too. Just wondering your take on this. Thank you for the inspiration to make the dietary changes I see myself headed toward! 🙂

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… thanks for reading! My best guess is that the more you add in that tempts you, the harder it will be to stay true to your diet. //jh

  30. Curs Valuta

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!|

  31. Em Jnin

    I have been sitting here in misery for so long, knowing I was becoming addicted to food. I became a divorcee two years ago and for comfort, company and craving, I have been using food like some folks use wine or pain killers. Even when I low carb I feel that urge to eat cereal or chocolate. Why didn’t low carb work as it did years ago, I have been asking, blaming it on premenopause. And I have started to suspect wheat triggers my depression and the blues. I threw out all non veggie carbs and noticed I was drawn to my salad and the mixed nuts. According to this zero carb path you share, those foods have carbs and that’s why I am still on the food merry-go-round. I don’t care for hamburger but there are plenty of other meats to choose from. I am still trying to fathom no veggies, ever but it saves on groceries and is too easy to prepare. I love the simplicity. As of today, I go forth with no carbs. You have inspired me! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey.

  32. Linnie

    You are my new Favorite SuperHero!!!!!!!!! NoCarb Woman!!!!You get a Cape and a Crown! I am a total Carbaholic as well as a recovering Alcoholic! It makes sense to me to Just give it completely up. In AA, they don’t say that we can go ahead and have O’doul’s beer or a wine cooler. That would be a disaster for an alcoholic , so I can see how messing with carbs of any kind , continually lead to problems Low Carbers have feeling miserable, due to cravings and often , eventually giving into them, leading to weight gain, depression, ect…

  33. Maria

    I have a question. What about carbs in sausage ? or Deli meats? … do you not eat that? I am assuming you cut out all dairy?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… she doesn’t eat sausage/deli meats containing carbs. Thanks for reading!

        • Kelly Hogan

          I’m doing great! I just can’t get caught up on all of the emails and comments. I also help moderate the facebook page “zeroing in on health”, so I answer a lot of questions there, too.

          James has been very kind and helpful to assist me here on the blog. He’s seen me live on this diet for several years, so he’s quite knowledgeable for a carb-eater. 😉

          Thank you for asking about me!


  34. Annie

    Someone please tell me will this way of eating help someone who has a hypo thyroid condition to loose weight??? Kelly what are some breakfast meal ideas? Or what recipe for ur burgers? How much weight can b expected to b lost in the first month?? Please send me a friend request I find ur story inspiring and need help!

  35. JLMA


    How do handle eating out when most entrees come with (carbloaded) sides of food? I understand you probably make sure the waiter knows you don’t want sides. But do they still charge you the same? Are there any all-meat substitutions? If not, eating just the meat with no side, I imagine you’re still hungry by the time you’re done with the meat, no? So, you pay as if you ate the side but you do not eat it and you are still hungry when you’ve finished! 😉 am I wrong?
    Please let us know how a ZC handles eating out.
    Thanks for this great testimonial.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… lots of times, she’ll give the carbs to me. 🙂 And yes, you often end up paying for portions you request to be left off the plate.

  36. Deborah

    I’m thinking about going zero carb’ when you fry chicken I know you don’t remove the skin but what do you coat it with to fry? Also full fat mayo and pork rinds have no carbs so would that be okay to eat? Chicken livers-and any other parts of the chicken with the skin – what about fried chicken that you buy from fast food places or the grocery stores?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here… I’d say if it doesn’t have any carbs, give it a try! Be careful about fast-food chicken, though. Always ask if it’s breaded. More often than not, it is! //jh

  37. Topgun

    Hi Kelly&James

    Glad to hear and read your testimony. I have battled my weight since my mid 20’s. I am 45 now still battling. Have been trying different variations of low carb diets for 16 yrs. Have lost as much as 36 lbs over a 4 month period only to continually crash! Being 5 ft 8 as a man is challenging to stay trim . My weight swings from 235-250. These are the things that creep in on me: too many peanuts, peanut butter, Splenda, protein shakes, croutons in salads, etc. I end up doing great for 15-21 days and my body craves sugar! I usually break down and spend 1-2 days eating junk foods…… Then I will try low carb!:(:( Vicious cycle! Of course having had double hip replacement recently detracts from being a gym rat, too! I don’t want to live on mess but was about to…. Been told last yr. I am probably pre-diabetic!:(:(
    I know a slender body is out there for me! Going to try zero carb life for 30 days…… And see what happens……….seaux tired of the crashes every 15-20 days!

  38. Phyllis

    Don’t you worry about all the nutrients that you are missing from eating fruits and veggies.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–you’d be surprised at how much nutrition you can glean from only eating meat!

  39. Jessi

    This is a great blog – but it stops at Post 4? Are you still active in this WOE?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–She is! You can read from the homepage backwards to see all of the posts.

  40. Carmel

    Hi Kelly and James, I live in Australia and have today come across Kelly’s story. I am presently the heaviest I have ever been and am struggling to lose weight.. I am soon 77 years old and find it hard to exercise, weigh 94.5 kilos, and am amazed at how you lost weight on the Zero Carbs. I am intending to start Zero Carb eating as soon as I can get the meat shopping done… thank you for sharing… I had never heard of this before and am looking forward to having results.

    You are both amazing ! Cheers !

  41. Bonny

    I have been on a low Carb diet for 6 months now and I like many have faltered lately. Once you start even having a very small bit of cracker or any other Grains, it’s like an alcoholic falling off the wagon. It is very hard to just go back to very low carb. I am in good health no med’s or alcohol , walk med/fast 1 hour pr day. Unless bad weather. I just turned 78 last week. I happened to find your site (by accident) don’t even know how. I want o go Z C. now and wonder if anyone else my age has done this. Please advise.

    • Bonny

      add this to my first post. I gained back 7lbs. and seems its stuck there. I started at 122lb a year ago and had been that weight for 8 years. I have a small tumor (lipoma) under my armpit and I went on diet that added weight until I quit it because of the weight gain. I then decided to just Fast/ water only. It worked I fasted 7 days lost all the extra weight . Gradually it began creeping up so I started the LCHF diet and then fell off the wagon and hit the Carbs. .That information should have been entered on the first post. so I am adding it now. PS I weigh 126lb at 5’4″ tall. I have belly fat that I really want to get rid of. Thanks for your wonderful information.

  42. Didi

    Hi I have been struggling for years to lose weight as well and recently started a ketogenic diet (low carb) but my favorite food is cheese so looking up things I came upon your posts and it gave me hope. First off I’m so happy to see how well you’re doing. I just had some questions, I went through your posts and questions to see if I can find the answers first but I couldn’t. Ok do you use butter or olive oil oil, what do you use to cook your meat and eggs? Do you eat fish or is that allowed because I don’t eat meat on Fridays and was wondering what I can eat that day. Also is there a certain amount of cheese and eggs I can have or is there an amount that is too much? Also what condiments do you use? Like I saw in a comment salt and pepper and mustard was ok. Was there anything else?

  43. Stephanie W.

    Hi Kelly,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog since I saw a Facebook article about your weight loss. Five years ago, I lost 25 pounds by working out every day and eating less. Two years ago, I left teaching (don’t get me started on why…we’ll be here all day) and started a new job (that I adore!!) where I sit all day…so I was less active. Top it off with the fact that both of my kids have taken an early-morning religion class the past two years, which meant my workout time was gone having to be home to take them there. I’ve put on weight…not a lot, but almost all of the 25 pounds. I’m also 5 years older…and honestly, with all the menopause going on (I’m only 47, but hot flashes suck), I need SLEEP more than I need getting up at 4:30 every morning to work out. When I read your story…then your blog posts…I immediately wanted to try. I’m only on day 5 (very low carb, not zero right now but soon), and I already have much more energy. In fact, if I lay down to take my beloved nap, I find I can’t…I’m too ‘wired’, which is awesome. I’m thankful I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your story…It made a difference to me!

  44. Tonia

    Here I sit doing research on cutting carbs. What to eat, what not to eat and what I can get away with eating/drinking. LOL My doctor informed me I needed to cut carbs. I was like what? I thought I misunderstood him. I said cut carbs? Like what do you mean? He informed me absolutely no pizza, pasta, etc. and absolutely no pizza. (I guess he could smell what I had for lunch before I went to see him. LOL) My first thought was he was trying to kill me. But then I thought why would he want to do that…he has always taken great care of me and fixed me right up when I was sick even when I was traveling on business. Surely he isn’t trying to kill me. What am I going to eat? He’s taking away everything I love to eat especially pasta. So here I am…needing/wanting to lose weight. Today is my 1st day of eating low carbs, I’m 51 years old and I know this wont be easy but I have my fit bit ready, mind set ready and I’m ready to get in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. In addition, I’m ready to be healthy and lose weight!
    Kelly, thank you for sharing your story it gives me hope! I wish you still had the pamphlet your doctor had given you. That sounds exactly like what I have been looking for. Yes and No foods/drinks. LOL Good luck to all of you. 🙂

  45. jackie harris

    I know I am making a simple thing difficult as I usually do but seasonings and eggs and cheeses have carbs, Do you cook your meat with no seasonings or are they too low to count?

  46. Alan

    You say eat just meat and go and enjoy your life. Humans eat so frequently that a big part of life is eating, so if that is meat only we are restricting our enjoyment of life. Food is so interesting and enjoyable when varied, so I can’t buy this zero carb deal on that basis alone.

  47. Blanche

    Hi Kelly, just saw your gorgeous face on Youtube today for the first time in an interview, and I was s intrigued by your lifestyle! My big question is….what is your blood type? Apparently if you are blood type O (or even type B) your body can digest this amount of animal protein easier than if you are blood type A, which they say do better on vegetarian diets. Dying of curiosity!


  48. Caroline

    I needed to read this. I didn’t realize the taste of sweet could keep the cravings up – I thought it was all about the actual sugar.

  49. Jeanmarie

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. You’re a really engaging writer! I read your post “Eating Only Meat and Eggs Did THIS to My Cholesterol” a year or so ago, and was intrigued, but at the time I still couldn’t wrap my head around no plant foods at all; I was trying to do Paleo-to-Keto. Since I’m a pretty good baker, I would periodically go through a baking phase. Well, I just got through what I hope will be my last one, and stumbled on Amber O’Hearn’s work and decided to take this Carnivore/Zero Carb diet seriously. I’m only on day four, but I feel good and confident that I can do this. You’re a real inspiration!

  50. Berni

    49, fat and very, very unhappy.
    Done the LC before and just can’t stick to it.
    So, after crying when I saw your foto’s I am going Zero Carbs. This week is finish everything in the house that is carbs and then hitting the meats big time.
    Turning 50 on June 13th and NOT looking like the Pillsbury dough boy!

  51. Jeff

    Hi Kelly – Thank you so much for chronicling your journey for us and inspiring people to want to go zero carb. I have done “Atkins” a couple of times in the past, including once back in 2002 when few people had heard of it. I’ve had good success with it, but I remember drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and eating no-carb Jell-O whenever I had cravings. Both times I did the diet, I would lose significant weight for about 3-4 months, and once I reached a comfortable weight (about 45 lbs less) I would stop and “stabilize”, which of course means I would reintroduce carbs. Sure enough, old habits would return and several months later I’d be back where I started.

    A few days ago I began again, after seeing that I finally hit 290 lbs on the scales for the first time in my life. But this time, I’m going ZERO carbs – largely after reading your blog and watching your hour-long interview on YouTube. It’s so simple to follow, and I do tend to get obsessed with things when I put my mind to it, so I’m not concerned about giving in to carb cravings. I know the first two weeks are the hardest – my body is already a bit trembly right now on day three, but I’ve been enjoying some delicious meals and just drinking water. I do still drink coffee with a smidge of whole cream, but I’m cutting out sweetener (It’s mostly a comfort thing at work – like you, I’m a teacher!).

    My goal is 70 pounds and then I will re-evaluate whether to bring in veggies, etc. – since I don’t know that realistically I can go the rest of my life never eating certain things. I honestly think you should write a book about the diet and your experience. You have a remarkable story and you are easy to relate to for anyone wondering if the diet is right for them.

    Best wishes!


  52. Karen

    Hi Kelly,
    Happy New Year! I heard your interview on the carnivore yogi and was really inspired by your upbeat personality and humor. I was diagnosed with diabetes in January and started on keto and lost 50 lbs. Once I stalled I switched to keto. Then I gained a bit of weight. Now I know you’re not a doctor but you mentioned that you gained a bit also in your interview. So the next step I was suggested is to cut the fat for a protein sparing modified fast. Like you, I hate to fast. It’s a mental thing. I don’t doubt that switching from olive oil/avocado oil to bacon grease and tallow plus all the fatty meat caused me to gain. I at chicken on keto and red meat on carnivore, but dang did my digestion improve! All that fiber in salads wasn’t what I needed after all. So I would love some direction as I have another 100lbs to lose and I’m tiptoeing around carnivore right now. Many thanks!!

  53. Kim Alexander

    Hey Kelly! I just started the carnivore woe after 2 yrs keto. Im really inspired from your story. Do you live in Iredell or Rowan county in NC by any chance? I saw a pic of you with a South Iredell shirt on. I live in Salisbury, NC and went to Mooresville High. Would love to meet you and get insight into this woe. Thank you for all you do for the carnivore community.

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