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Something Else Besides Burgers and Bacon


I took a couple months off from blogging, because, frankly, I didn’t know what else to say.  I wrote all about my journey from a Standard American Diet to a Very Low Carb Diet and then to a Zero Carb Diet.  I shared my before and after pictures, posted a FAQ section, linked to some great resources.  And….that was about all that I had to share.


That said, I’ve been quite busy over on the “Zeroing In On Health” Zero Carb Facebook page, where I am a moderator.  In the last few months, we’ve had about 3,000 new members to join and it has been HOPPING.  THOUSANDS of people over there eliminating carbs and experiencing wonderful results!  SO exciting!


But I’ve recently changed things up a bit in regards to my diet, so I thought I would take a break from the Facebooks to share my most recent updates.


After about two years of eating almost exclusively burgers and bacon, I suddenly felt less interested in them.  They didn’t sound gross, but they just didn’t sound appealing.  I think it started when I caught the stomach bug and spent about four days hanging out with my toilet.  After I recovered and felt my appetite return, I had one over-powering thought: “I want STEAK!!”


So, I headed to my local grocery store and found a pack of nicely marbled, thick-cut steaks.  My husband grilled them up for me, and as soon as I ate the first bite, I knew that change was a-comin’!  YES AND YES AGAIN!  WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN EATING MORE STEAK?! 

Enter the meat.





Thinking back, I think I had stopped eating steak very often because of the cost, but now that ground beef prices have risen in my area, I can get steak on sale for not much more than I was paying for my burgers.  And after living on steak for about a month now, I’ve decided that the price difference is worth it for me.


Steak is just GOOD.  I don’t have to add any fat to it and it keeps me full and satisfied for hours.  Other than having to purchase more dental floss, I haven’t found any down side.  Why would I NOT want to eat steak all day long?  It’s delicious, gives me great energy, is easy to cook, and is FULL of wonderful nutrition.


Don’t believe me? Dr. Georgia Ede, from, noted, “Meat is the only nutritionally complete food.  Animal foods (particularly when organ meats are included) contain all of the protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that humans need to function. They contain absolutely everything we need in just the right proportions. That makes sense, because for most of human history, these would have been the only foods available just about everywhere on the planet in all seasons.”


Dr. Ede also shared this chart showing the micronutrients found in red meat and compares them to those found in plants:




Now, as for those organ meats that Dr. Ede referred to, I (and most of the zero-carbers that I know) have very little interest in eating them.  I suppose if I were suffering from any ill-effects (low energy, irregular menstrual cycles, weak immune system, etc.) or felt that I were lacking anything nutritionally, I would try cooking up some organs.  But…no.  I’m feeling great and don’t have any desire to start eating in a “snout to tail” kind of manner.  I’m already pretty far outside of the box.  No need to push it.


And speaking of those “easy to cook” steaks, I have also discovered a new favorite way to prepare them.  I put them on a large broiler pan and cook them as close to the top heating element as possible.  Then, I put the oven on broil (which is 525 degrees for my oven) and stick the steaks in when the heating element is glowing bright orange.  I cook them about 5 minutes on the first side and then use tongs to flip them over.  I cook them for five more minutes on the other side.  And that’s it. Just be careful not to catch your dish towel or oven mitt on fire.


In only ten minutes, I have eight gorgeous steaks!  It really doesn’t get any easier, does it?  I place the steaks in a tub and eat one whenever I’m hungry.   If I’m very active, I may want 3-4 per day (which would be about two pounds of meat).  If I’m inactive and having a low appetite, only about 1.5 pounds of meat is plenty.




I don’t add any fat to the steaks like I did when I was eating the grilled burgers.  I try to buy steaks that are very nicely marbled and have plenty of fat on them.  I often save the juices that gather in the bottom of the broiler pan and pour them back over the steaks when they are done cooking.


In case anyone was wondering, changing things up has not resulted in more weight loss, but I wasn’t trying to lose weight.  I have actually gained a little weight, but my clothes are fitting the same way and I’m feeling quite good.  I’m not worried about carrying a little extra weight as long as I feel good, don’t have to buy bigger clothes, and am not eating any carbs.  I have nothing to worry about.

I even decided to take a new “before and after” picture:



I may go back to eating burgers again, but I’m enjoying the change for now.  Even an old zero-carber can change it up once in a while, right?


Have any of you been trying to lower/eliminate carbs?  Feel like sharing the results?  I would love to hear your stories!  If you’d like to share, please email a couple of paragraphs stating what you’ve been doing and how it’s working.  I’d like to compile these and share them here.  Thanks!





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  1. Amy Menke

    Great post, Kelly! I, too, LOVE a great steak! My usual go-to cut is the ribeye, cooked medium rare. But I also love prime rib if I’m out at a steakhouse. I wish I could afford to eat ribeyes every day, but I can’t. :(. I usually eat them once or twice a week. The rest of my meals are comprised of bacon, eggs, chicken thighs/wings, burgers, chuck roast, and occasionally pork ribs/chops and fish. Unlike you, though, I LOVE stepping WAY outside the box with things like oxtail and beef cheek–both very fatty, very gelatinous/creamy in texture, and VERY tasty! I also love chicken and beef liver–both a huge part of my diet! I eat about 2 lbs of liver per week (luckily, it’s very affordable, too!). I love eating ONLY meat, but I also like variety. I often eat 2 or 3 different meats at eat meal–keeps things interesting (and prevents too much leftover “pileup” in the fridge). I really enjoy following your inspiring blog! Please keep the updates coming! 🙂

  2. Michelle Worthy

    Beautiful written as always, thanks for being one of moderators <3 I have shared your blog w/EVERYONE that is more interested in what I am doing. I appreciate you putting your story out there and your heart to help others.

  3. Ann McPherson

    I’ve got to make a change! My weight is creeping up… my energy is creeping down… my memory is pitiful and it is hard for me to stay focused! Yes, it is obvious I need to DO something!

    What’s my plan? I’m going to go 30 days without eating processed sugar… including corn syrup. The frustrating thing is that sugar seems to be in EVERYTHING… even in bacon, ketchup, salad dressing and lunch meat! Sigh! I will not be going carb free but I’m going to try and minimize carbs without going hard core… as committing to going sugar-free is a challenge enough!

    I’m not sure if I’ll last longer than the 30 days but we will see. I just want to know if I FEEL better and THINK more clearly without sugar. Sadly, I am such a little sugar addict that trying to “just cut down” has not worked. Yesterday was a trial run… no sugar for the whole day!!! No sugar infused coffee, no FREE ice cream sandwich, no fro yo and no sour apple caramel pops! I drank UNSWEETENED tea folks! I meant business! Ha! And the truth is… I felt better, saner (what?!) and more centered (read focused, less scatter-brained)… and that is awesome!

    Soooo…wish me luck… I’m sure I’ll need it!

    • Terrell

      Hi Ann, I know it has been a while since your comment here, but I just read it and wanted to share my experience with getting off sugar. I struggled for decades with a wicked sugar addiction. The only thing that completely got rid of it was going ZC. Cravings and thoughts of sugar gone inside two weeks. Have been ZC for 2 months and feel a physical calmness I have not experienced before. Hope your journey has gotten easier!

  4. Shirley

    Thanks Kelly for sharing! I have been ZC for 26 days. This is my first time ZC. I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful I feel! My asthma is gone and I have gone off meds, I have lost 43.2 pounds (since March)…my weight loss has been much better and more consistent since going ZC, my skin is glowing…little to no Rosacea, my sinuses are clear, I have energy and feel more clear headed. I am on the FB ZIOH and very much enjoy reading and learning from everyone there. I love your blog and anxiously await posts from you! I have felt I was a carb addict or carbaholic for a long time. Every time I review my plan of eating there are so many carbs. At first junk processed carbs from boxes and bags and lots of sweets. So then I decided I need to get healthy…so I went to “healthy” whole foods. Then I was eating huge salads and lots of fruit and veggies and rice and quinoa and millet. I still struggled to lose weight and especially keep it off. I am still trying to wrap my head around ZC for life but continue pressing on one day at a time. I also have much fewer aches and pains and can move more freely in general. I also had terrible candida and that is almost completely gone…thank you God…that is miserable stuff. When I spend time with friends I hear them complain about bloating and indigestion and aches and pains and I think…”I remember feeling like that all the time but now I feel great!” Focusing on how great I feel and staying connected to other ZC is really keeping me on track. Also knowing I am a carbaholic I can’t take that first carb bite. Thank you so much for your blog and for suggesting ZIOH. I also love hearing about others that are ZC for long periods and how healthy they are and feel!


  5. Peggy Holloway

    I am practically a “zero-carber.” I’ve been LC for over 15 years and keep tweaking my diet, going lower-carb and higher fat over the years. I do eat a serving of cooked vegetables or salad every day, but other than that, I live on a little meat, some cheese, butter, some eggs, and a bit of coconut or MCT oil. Steak is my favorite – I always feel my best when dinner is ribeye steak. We buy a quarter beef from a relative, so it is good quality and comes out to be very economical per pound. I am 62 and an active cyclist and I just get healthier over time. My story is in the book “Keto Clarity” if you’d like to know more.

  6. Chanda

    Hi Kelly! I was just wondering if you’ve noticed any difference in your hair since you’ve been ZC. Has it gotten any thicker? Does it have more body? Grow any faster? Shinier? Less greys that before (if you had any at all)? One of the things that I’m hoping to see with ZC for myself is improved hair thickness and less shedding.


  7. Tinsley Ducote

    Kelly I need your help..I fell off the wagon big time…I’v been on ZC for 4 month at first I lost 8 lbs but stop losing so I thought if I up my carbs then went back to ZC I would lose…Iv gain 5 lbs….I can’t seem to get back on track…I need to lose 40 lbs should I just go back to LC..I know you say to be patient but you just want to see something come off….

  8. Rebecca

    Hello Kelly…..being faithful on ZC for 2 months, losing 15 pounds, and had a list of 14 things that changed in my body….I felt really great except my energy….2 naps a day of 1 + hours to stay stable. I started doing 10,000 steps a day and nothing changed….then BIG backslide with graduations and a 3 day family reunion and conference. Here is something I observed….if I eat carbs I don’t need naps, unless I eat too many. But if I eat carbs, heartburn and hiatal hernia problems start almost immediately and my breathing changes for the worse. One other thing is I stopped all my supplements but could not control swollen feet and ankles so I went back on mag. taurate 2X per day and as long as I keep that going the fluid regulation is in tack. My weight is stable after first loss but I have at least 60 pounds that needs to leave me. One thing also if you can help me with this please. My ‘fat’ is now more than fluffy, where as before it was much more solid. Appreciate your time and experience. THANK YOU!!!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kelly’s husband James here. I hear that fluffy fat is great! It means your body is trying to get rid of it. Consult your doctor about supplements, energy levels, etc. //jh

  9. jenny pritchett

    I will try these steaks this weekend and looking forward to it. Thanks Kelly for sharing and supporting us ZC’ers. Because of you and the other admin on fb we are just getting healthier and healthier! Your my answer to prayer. Thank you again and again.

  10. Andy

    New to the zero carb life. I am a type 1 diabetic who has put on 50 lbs in the last several years. I’m two and a half weeks into this zero carb lifestyle and enjoying it. I’ve gone down two belt notches and feel great. I am curious if you have heard from any other type 1s that have tried this. I have cut my insulin use to 8 units total a day (no that’s not a typo!). I want to know if I can ever get to the point where I don’t need insulin. I know you aren’t a doctor, but figured you might have talked to a type 1 experimenting with this. Thanks, great blog!

  11. Werner

    Hi Kelly,
    great job and glad you stuck with zero carb lifestyle. I’ve been zero carb for 3 years. Like you, I could not lose weight, but I hung in there and kept eating meat. When my body was finally well fed, last fall I started to experiment with fasting. I did 3 water fasts, the longest being 7 days. Since Aug. 24th, 2016, I’ve been eating only one meal a day. Each morning, I eat one pound of raw grass fed bee, two raw eggs and one stick of butter. Then I water fast until 11 am, and no food, no water until the next day. I’m 70 years old, 5’6″ and weigh 125 lbs. I lost 30 lbs since last Summer. I feel great all day long, lots of energy and no pain in my body. Life is sweet.

  12. Tiana

    I know quality is a very important component in a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes due to finances that is not an option. So, my question is, do you do all “grass fed?”

  13. Sharon

    Is cheese okay to eat? I’ve seen meat, eggs and cheese and then I’ve seen meat and water or meat and eggs. Which is the best for health and weight loss?

  14. Joyce

    I know I’ve seen it somewhere, but now all of a sudden, for some reason I can’t find it; what about taking supplements, fiber in particular?

  15. Anthony

    There is nowhere to email that I have seen
    So I just want to ask this here
    Can you drink regular full fat raw milk in a zero carb diet? Or kefir (fermented milk)?
    If so doesn’t milk (and even kefir to a degree) have carbs? Is it not the and just because it’s an animal product?

  16. Brian

    Don’t you love it, I struggled from age 14 to 48 but got a lot sicker than you, would love to talk to you… I don’t know very many people like us and it would be fun to just share my story with you… People look at me funny all the time, and if they only knew how much we struggled to be even remotely thin and this takes so little effort it’s wonderful, I often tell people if you felt as bad as me it would be easy for you to eat this way!!! Congrats and I’m so proud to have found your blog…:)

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here. I wish I could tell you I had a specific recipe, but in truth, I crank up our propane grill to full-out, throw the steaks on, rotate once for those lovely grill marks, flip, rotate again, then pull them off. A good 3/4″ cut of meat will take 10-12-14 minutes total (depending on a variety of factors) to reach a lovely medium-rare. I guess I’ve grilled enough steaks in my life that I more or less take it by feel. Good luck! //jdh

  17. Diane taber

    Just trying to lose a few pounds if at all possible cos as at the moment nothing seems to be working or my weight won’t budge on the scales if anything it just seems to keep going matter what I try.

  18. Francie Epperson

    I am loving your posts! And I listen to every interview I can find where you are being interviewed. I am on day 10 of zero carb and I feel good but still question my sanity. So when I’m getting nervous about it, I read and immerse myself in stuff like this. Thank you so much. May I ask how you re-warm those meats you cook in bulk without having them end up overly well done? Thanks again! I am old enough to be your mom, but am hoping it’s not too late to turn my life/health/weight around. Blessings and Hugs. Francie

  19. Christine

    I love reading your posts, Kelly! I have been keto 2 yrs (20g carbs) then evolved lower and lower till I discovered it has a NAME! CARNIVORE! So now I am 11 months carnivore and I’m still on honeymoon. I used to be healthy except getting colds at least 3 x a year and that bothered me because if you are really healthy you should not get so many colds. Over the last 10 yrs my weight has gone up about 10kg but since I am almost 6 foot tall you could not really see it. Since going keto I have not had one cold and my weight is back where I like it. Just meat, salt, home made hamburger patties (with plenty fat) eggs and my morning espresso. Sometimes I just like hamburgers and then boiled brisket tickles my fancy and I keep eating that till steak makes me drool. I throw the steak in the air fryer and afterwards pour the fat and juices back over the steak. So simple. My husband just shakes his head and says he could never eat that size steak. I run 12 – 15km 3 x a week and I still marvel at my pink nails because I had white nails my whole adult life. (probably due to all the vegetables and very little meat I ate!) I am 63yrs old.

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