My Zero Carb Life on Fox 46 Charlotte

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Look, Ma! I’m on TV!

In the summer of 2015, Fox News asked me to share my Zero Carb story. I was grateful to share the benefits of an all-meat diet so publicly, of course!  And then….THEN…they decided to announce that I had “created” this diet.  And I nearly died.  😱 I would NEVER say that, ever.  Yes…Kelly Hogan…along with the Inuit Indians.  And some cavemen. We all collaborated on it.  🤣😂🤣 

BUT…if it’s on the news, it MUST be true.

Feel free to laugh at my very southern accent in this video and then roll your eyes when I am given far more credit than I ever asked for.  Thanks, Fox News!  👍🏼


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  1. Leah

    You’ve inspired me. I will be starting my own zero carb journey tomorrow morning. I’ve been told by my doctor to do a ketogenic diet but even doing 20g of carbs I still had cravings. I’m so excited to start!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here… Good luck! Let us know how it goes. //jdh

  2. Bren

    Great job! I’ve been LCHF for over two years and lost 80lbs, and a bunch of health problems, and have been considering zero carb to get off the last stubborn ten….but the more stories I hear similar to yours, maybe it’s just the way I should be eating! I do love a hamburger! 😉

  3. Rina

    Kelly this is great! How has it been for you since? Can’t wait to hear more details about how it all happened? Love your blogs!
    Can you please blog more about the weight loss stage on ZC, the period after the initial 6 months? Thanks in advance.

  4. Camile

    Kelly can tell me what was your meal plan for a day with eating beef only

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–her meal plan is pretty simple: eat meat when she’s hungry, and stop when she’s full!

  5. Bretta

    We share so much of your “before”. I too have struggled my entire life with my weight & getting pregnant. I was referred to Atkins by a reproductive endocrinologist & was able to have my little miracle! I slipped back into old carby habits & gained it all back plus more. We’d love another little running around the house but for the past 6 months I’ve been low carbbing again trying to keep up with an active 3 year old, getting pregnant again would be a super bonus blessing. I’d never heard of no carb, I was actually searching for new recipes on Pinterest when I found you. I’m still over 200lbs, my motivation was wavering but your story has reenergized me. I’m going to give zero carb a try! Thanks for your willingness to share your story, even with all the similarities it was your story about the roller coaster that hit closest to home. I wish you & your family continued happiness & health. Oh, & God bless us North Carolina girls!

  6. Being Services

    got here from , and this is me and my story. I can’t eat fruits or vegetables/plants. Meat is the only thing I can eat. Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. Roxanna Cheseldine

    Hello Kelly, I’m sitting here reading the news online and I came across your blog which frankly, I have no idea how I found it. But am I ever thankful that I did! I am 55 years old and have been overweight my entire adult life with many health issues, including Lupus, Thyroid Cancer and a Kidney Disease. My doctor suggested a Gastric Sleeve surgery and so I did it. I went from 282 to 210. It was amazing. However, it’s been 2 years since my surgery and I am slowly creeping back up and I am at 230 now. I’m scared to death! I have tried low carb diets many many times before and just as you said, the sugar cravings never went away. So, I’m here just to tell you thank you so very much for your blogs and your website because I’m going to try the 0 Carb way. And btw, as a mother I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

  8. Candace

    Sadly the interview is no longer available – but love your blog and this post

  9. Marty Holahan

    Glad I found this. Almost 2 years ago I had a heart attack. I was on statin(poison) drugs and Metformin for “pre-diabetes”. I came out of the by-pass surgery with full blown type II diabetes and in the hospital they were feeding me pudding and mashed potatoes and juice and bread and I knew that couldn’t be right. They had me counting carbs and injecting insulin.
    Recovering at home, with nothing I else I could do, I started researching and did LCHF with some success, especially with blood work, but I’ve been struggling with weight loss. I think no carb will work for me and I do spent too much on diet soda and Atkins bars.
    You had me crying with your tales, (I’m old ans sappy), and laughing at your wit. From your before pics I couldn’t believe you were 262, but then I read 5’9″ tall. I know, still way overweight, but even then you were a real looker.
    I’m 64 and came waaaayyy to close to the end and want to stick around to help my son, that has some disabilities, but he’s an absolute joy and smart.
    Again, I think this may push me in the right direction and help me resist lapses.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this!

  10. Trish

    Hi Kelly,
    So happy that I found you doing an interview with a young man from South Africa(?) after a random LCHF search. I am 65, and have been on the LCHF with routine intermittent fasting, way of eating for more than two years with minimal success, as well as being stuck on a weight plateau for the better part of those two years! THIS (zero carb) is the one thing I haven’t tried! Starting today, I will be eating zero carbs! Thank God for the inspiration!!

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