My Zero Carb Life Hits the Daily Mail

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Hello from across the pond!

I’m excited to share that My Zero Carb Life found its way into the Daily Mail today–you can check out the story here

While I was a bit bummed they linked to my interview with Zero Carb Zen and not here, I know lots of you are finding your way to this blog from that website.

What an exciting day! I’ll be sure to share the backstory on how this whole news article happened soon.


For New Readers…

If you’re new here, and you’re wanting to read the whole story, it’s best to start here–at the beginning of my story.

If you’re curious about my zero carb life and have a question, check out my FAQ page first.

And above all, welcome!! Let’s eat some meat!








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  1. Jasmin

    i’m so thankful to DM for featuring your story! i’ve been playing with paleo for about 2-3 years with no luck as to weight loss. OK, truth be told, when i ate only meat, i did lose weight. my weight is currently 160, and at 5’1″, it’s horrible!

    but my husband wouldn’t and doesn’t truck with the idea of zero vegetables in his diet. he says that our first foray into paleo was too meat-centric. he would have loved to have had more fruits and vegetables. gah, so, yes, i’m dealing with his consternation. but now that i’ve discovered you and your blog, i’m hoping it’ll be easier to convince him this time around. as to our 10-year old daughter, i know that she would be happy too with an all-meat diet. she does love her bacon and roast lamb. however, we’ll have to work hard to wean her and us off the sugar teet.

    so, again, i’m happy to have found you and thank you for chronicling your zero-carb life. i hope to learn a lot from your experiences.

    • Peter Piper

      Honey, it’s not what OTHER people around you eat… it’s what YOU eat. I know you have concern for your daughter, but it’s ultimately up to you to take care of YOUR diet. NONE of my family does a keto diet. I’m the only one. And I’m the only one who has lost weight… 80 pounds.

  2. Sue

    I found my way here from the DM website!
    Inspiring story Kelly….I have tried just about every diet, and been yo-yoing all my life, so I have decided to give it a go. Some questions for you:

    How much meat do you eat in a day, i.e. portion sizes?
    Can we add spices, like chilli powder etc?
    Do you have a burger recipe? (most of the burger patties here in Australia have bread, onion and additives) what do you put in your own?
    You mention chicken wings, but no breast/legs, are they allowed?
    What do you eat for breakfast?
    Did you lose the majority of weight on the LCD (with exercise) or have you lost it mostly since you went on the ZCD and is it possible to lose a large amount with limited exercise?….I have a disability.
    You mention cream and cheese, but do you eat full fat yogurt or have milk in tea?

    You look fit and healthy, so well done….just hope I can achieve the same loss.
    100lbs is a long way off, but you’ve got me motivated….Thanks in anticipation of answering my questions. All the best, from over the pond x

  3. Tom Bunnell

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015
    My discovery that we are all “high” on processed sugar and hybrid carbohydrate plant life and caffeine and alcohol and nicotine and have been for hundreds of years and thousands of years is unprecedented and unheard of and completely new discovery to man at this point and time
    That these are stimulant drugs in the ratios we consume them on a daily basis in our food and drink and that we feed to our children and babies and that unbeknownst to us have effected and are effecting and exaggerating our psyche’s and instincts and emotions and senses and thought processes all this time and yet for this to be completely unknown to us, is unimaginable but true.

    We haven’t had a clue all this time until right now right here.

    I’m not sure there is a living soul on this earth that understands what I’m saying.

    I am sure that if I can get this in front of enough people that somebody is going to realize and understand what I’m saying and it’s factualness.

    First one person hears it and then two people hear it and then dozens and then hundreds and then thousands and then tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands and then millions and then tens of millions and then hundreds of millions and then billions and multiple billions of people all understanding what I’m saying.

    It’s just a simple fact and basic truth but completely unknown to man at this point in time.

    How one man could make such a discovery and how that one man could possibly be me, is mind boggling to even myself.

    Tom Bunnell..

    The greatest and most important discovery ever known to man.

    World wars can be prevented with this and the earth’s destruction can be reversed and stopped.

    We can stop poisoning the earth.

    We can rebuild our cultures and societies and cultures and families.

    Our tribes and nations can be restructured and rebuilt from the bottom up.

    Simply by concentrating on living rather than acquiring and building and prospering.

    Living and raising our families is prospering.

    Being with them.

    Making our food and shelter and being with one another constantly.

    Instead of jobs and businesses and administration and off to work.

    Building bombs and ships and airplanes and buildings.

    Anybody knows that none of this is going to happen immediately but we can change and alter our course and over time nature will guide us back as much as possible.

    Sounds like a pipe dream but it isn’t.

    The money grabbers and power brokers that Jesus tried to drive out of the market or temple or where ever it was can be stopped.

    Jesus was a man.

    He was born to a Jewish mother and father.

    It was thrust upon him to try to make things better.

    They would have stoned his mother and father to death for fornication and he in his mothers belly under old Jewish Law.

    The village would have gathered and stoned them all to death.

    Later he said, he without sin cast the first stone..

    He was trying to unravel the insanity that prevailed.

    Stimulated insanity but he didn’t know it.

    The Jews had been displaced since the time of Moses and were under the rule of The Roman Empire at that time.

    Having been slaves for thousands of years before that to the Egyptians.

    They built the Pyramids.

    The Egyptians killed thousands of baby boys taken from their mothers and fathers arms because they had heard that a King was born and would rise to free them from slavery.

    Moses did everything he could.

    This was thrust upon him.

    Jesus Christ did everything he could.

    This was thrust upon hime.

    I will do everything I can.

    This was thrust upon me.

  4. Dudley Peterson

    Hi, I just started the zero carb diet 4 days ago. I’ve be low carb since March and have lost over 40 lbs. My doctor said to quit losing weight, but I am still losing on zero carb and have no appetite. What should I do? I’m eating all meat and eggs and all I can hold.

    Thank you, Dudley

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here. If your doctor says quit losing weight, you should listen to him (or her)! Always consult your physician when making big changes to diet.

  5. Dudley Peterson

    Maybe I should add that I have silent reflux disease, am 74 years old and went from 217 pounds at the beginning of the year to the 174 lbs. that I recorded today. I did low carb because of Dr. Norm Robillard’s theory that carbs cause gas, which forces acid up your throat and thus your condition. I’ve had some gains with this diet, but still have breathing issues, get bloated, have a stuffy nose and a tender throat. Thus zero carb, but I need to stop the weight lose and regain my appetite. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dudley

    • Liz Spencer

      Eat more meat, drink more water. Your body won’t lose any more weight that it feels it needs to as long as you feed it enough.

  6. Luzy

    Hi 🙂
    I found your blog and I am very interested about your life’s style. I am eating on a low carb diet and like you (before) I am struggling some times with sugar cravings and I would like to try this new way to eat, but I have many doubts, I hope you can help me, I really appreciate your time.
    What about fat ? Can I eat the meat with little mayonnaise? Can I eat with chile ? I am Mexican and I love spicy food. Thank you so much , and I hope you can understand me because I am still learning English.
    By the way, you look beautiful 🙂 HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here — occasionally, but not with any regularity. We do love to eat seafood when we’re at the beach, though.

  7. T.Russ

    Just starting with this…I am 230 lbs,currently and I am extremely worried about the “no carb flu” is it real and what did you do to combat the symptoms

  8. Deb

    I started zero carb three weeks ago coming from a ketogenic diet. I have been doing keto for the last five years and would lose some weight and then would fall off the wagon and gain it all back. I have about 150 pounds to lose and I noticed in your after pictures that you don’t have any sagging skin. Do you think the zero carb diet has something to do with that?

    • Ella

      Look into autopathy think there are clips on youtube ( DrKenDBerry) I’m ZC and lost weight (74lbs) I had some saggy loose skin (tummy, upper arms,lower thighs) started eating within a small window (6hr window daily) fasting for 18hrs and my loose skin has gone my boobs have tightened & lifted in 5mths. I still eat only between 12-5pm daily and feel great. Best of luck

      • rose

        i believe ella meant autophagy, not autopathy. it increases growth hormone immensely.

  9. Cynthia Valentine

    Hi🌞. I’ve been doing Keto for a month now and ran across your excellent blog. I have to loose a 100 lbs for health reasons and I viewed your FB support group and noticed several people speaking about weight gain and to give it time and the weight will start to come off. I’m so Eagar to start ZC but the thought of gaining weight terrifies me! Any advise for this scared mama?

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