Eating Only Meat and Eggs Did THIS to My Cholesterol

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I kinda freaked out about getting my blood work done.

Contrary to what Fox News said at the conclusion of their segment about my zero carb diet, I actually hadn’t been to see my doctor in about eight years. That’s right: Eight years. The news commentators completely made that part up when they said that I’ve been under “close doctor supervision” for the past several years while eating a low/no carb diet.  They also made up the part about me being the one to “invent this diet.” (I’m sure this is all a crushing blow to your faith in the media, right?)

Regardless, it’s not that I was avoiding my doctor, but I truly had no reason to go.  I am generally quite healthy and (other than seeing my OB/Gyn) didn’t really have a need to see a physician.

So I called up Dr. Dunlap. This is the same doctor who originally told me to lose 100 pounds and put me on a very carb-restricted diet, which in turn led me to a zero carb diet nearly six  years ago.  He saw me as a patient after I lost all of that weight, but that was several years ago.  In fact, I hadn’t been in so long that the office had archived my entire file and had to re-enroll me as a new patient, as I found out when I called Dr. Dunlap’s office a few months ago.  I decided that I was due for a check-up and that perhaps it was time to have some blood work done.  I made the appointment.

And then, I began to worry.

It’s one thing to believe in your head that eating a VERY high fat, all-meat diet is good for you.  I know that it makes me feel energetic.  I know that I followed this diet through two pregnancies and birthed two beautiful babies.  I know that my weight went down and my quality of life improved.  I’ve read a multitude of articles about animal fat not being bad for the heart, as long as there are no carbs in the diet.

I knew all of that.

But when it came down to getting my blood drawn, I started to have doubts.

I mean, how is it possible to eat burger patties, bacon, and half a cup of bacon grease per day and NOT have high cholesterol?  (Especially when high cholesterol runs in my family.  Mine was always on the high side, even as a young girl.)


I figured I ought to prepare myself for this.

Prior to my appointment, I started doing more reading and studying about which blood work numbers actually mean something anyway when it comes to predicting heart disease and health issues.  As it turns out, your “total cholesterol” number seems to have only marginal value when it comes to making those predictions.  People with high total cholesterol numbers aren’t any more likely to have a heart attack than those with low total cholesterol.  It’s been researched and studied and proven.  Seriously, Google it.

And if you’re wondering why so many people are on statin drugs to lower their cholesterol, if after all it is indeed a meaningless number, you should know that statins are a $29 B-B-B-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. There is CRAZY money to be lost if people stop believing that cholesterol is bad for you.  And, in case you haven’t noticed, business people don’t like to lose money.  (Here’s a very helpful article about the great cholesterol myth: )

In my research, I found article after article stating that I really need to know only a few things when it comes to my bloodwork, and none of them include the “total cholesterol” number.

1)      Blood sugar. Blood sugar numbers should remain steady throughout the day. Steady, level, not-high, not-low blood sugar numbers allow the body to lose weight and are a very good sign for overall health.  Somewhere around 80-100 is where most people end up if they eat a diet that is free from carbs and sugars.

2)      The Triglyceride/HDL Ratio.  THIS IS A BIG ONE.  Your triglyceride number divided by your HDL number is the absolute greatest indicator of your risk for heart disease.  Here is an article explaining why:  If you want to focus on any one number when you have blood work done, make it this one.  The goal is to get that ratio number as low as you possibly can.  To do that, you want your triglycerides low and your HDL (deemed “good cholesterol”) to be high.  A ratio of less than two is desirable.  Anything above four is statistically a very bad sign that you may be at risk for heart disease.  (For further reading:
Now, knowing ALL of this, I felt prepared to have my bloodwork done. Or at least prepared to see the results.
I requested for all my numbers to be available online and checked it about 700 times per day until they finally came in. Here’s what showed up:





I will fully admit that I took a HUGE sigh of relief when my “total cholesterol” was only 168, despite the fact that I think the number is meaningless.  Why?  Because it’s still what EVERYONE wants to know. How’s your cholesterol?  I get asked constantly. Like, every day, everywhere I go. So, even if it doesn’t matter to me, I was happy to have a lovely little number to share.  It makes people feel good about your health to see that nice, low number, so I was relieved to have one that the general public would find quite acceptable.

My fasting blood sugar was 77, which is about what my blood sugar is anytime I check it.  Without eating carbs (AND I DON’T), my blood sugar never goes above 100.  It’s around 80, no matter the time of day.  Before a meal, after a meal, during a meal, 12 hours after a meal…doesn’t matter. It’s always about 80.  Why?  Because meat and eggs have almost NO impact on blood sugar numbers.  I can eat as much high-fat meat as I  want, and still have steady, even blood sugar.

My triglycerides came in at 60, which is terrific!  The lower, the better, and 60 is great.

My HDL (“good cholesterol”) was 62, which is awesome!  Eating high-fat foods and avoiding all carbs will give you lots of very healthy cholesterol, so that was no surprise.

Therefore, my tri/HDL ratio (the really important one, you recall!!) is only .9!!!  POINT NINE!!  Remember that anything under two is optimal.  And anything over four is a strong indicator of future heart disease.  So .9 is pretty freaking awesome!


My doctor was kind of speechless when he saw my numbers

My doctor looked at my numbers and asked me again to very specifically tell him what I eat each day. I slowly said, “I eat burgers, bacon, bacon grease, steak, and eggs.  All day, every day.  As much as I want.  And nothing else.”

He checked my blood pressure.  100/60.

He gave me a full check-up, listening to my lungs and looking me over from head to toe.

He sat down silently and looked at my bloodwork numbers again. He asked me how I feel on a daily basis. I told him the truth:  I feel fantastic, stay healthy, have lots of energy, and have no complaints at all. None.

He said, “It’s very unusual to see such a happy customer and to see blood work numbers like these.  I would absolutely keep doing what you’re doing.”

And that, friends, is exactly what I will do.

After nearly six years of eating a diet high in fatty protein but absent of carbs, I have never felt better.  My doctor can’t find ONE THING wrong with me.  Every single level (including calcium, sodium, protein, potassium, alkaline phosphates, EVERYTHING) was perfectly in a healthy range.

So, to answer the question that I hear on a nearly daily basis, “Yeah, but how’s your cholesterol?” I have to say, “Quite good, thank you!” 






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  1. Alan

    But…But…But, you can’t possibly be healthy eating this way.

    Haha, I love shoving this in their faces..

    You keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll keep doing the same. Eventually the truth will out..


  2. Tina

    Do you ever eat carbs? Maybe on your birthday or going out to dinner….I can’t imagine 6 years without a carb…..

    • LIBBY

      Try it! And see! It is easy!

      From an x carboholic…enjoying freedom and great health..after a life of veggies and poor health!

      ZC is a marvelous way to live!

  3. CarlaTW

    Glad your Doc was at least wise enough to not argue it, and tell you to keep on with what was actually working for you.

  4. David walker

    I have a similar numbers. Just a little higher blood sugar but still <100. (Probably because i drink red wine). Thanks for sharing your numbers. Keep it up!

  5. larry

    awesome complete post……looking forward to my results end of august…….

  6. Brandon

    Great story and thank you for sharing. I was curious if you have heard of Dr. Joel Wallach? He has been preaching that cholesterol is so important for our bodies for decades. Was you test a cellular level blood test or just a regular blood test? According to Wallach just eating eggs, soft boiled, poached, or soft scrambled can lower your blood serum cholesterol levels. I eat 4 soft boiled eggs everyday and had a serum level blood test done thru my work and my cholesterol dropped considerably. A very large percentage of our brains are made of cholesterol. All of our arteries, veins, and cells are lined in cholesterol. Cholesterol helps to control your sex hormones. Sounds pretty important to me. It is really sad the media is so deceitful. We need more education like your story. Thank you very much for sharing and I wish you the best.

  7. Jamie

    Do you eat any vegetables or is totally derived from animal products only? Have you had your vitamin levels checked too?

  8. Ant

    Hi such and inspiring story, I’m not the first to have read all your posts in one sitting. I am 7 weeks keto and have been trying hard to get 70-80% fat 15% Protein, 5% carbs.
    You clearly are not fussing over the macro, but I would be really interested to know what you think your FAT and or PROTEIN % is, ????
    the reason I’m asking is so many other sites are saying not to have daily protein to high as that converts to sugar. thanks in advance from Australia if you get chance to answer.

  9. Marie

    I’ve been reading your entries & your FAQ, but I can’t find an answer to my most burning question yet: HOW did you afford to eat this way?

    I am behind you on the science, and on the impact, as the only times I’ve lost weight was when I either ate extremely low carb (15 or less carbs a day) and/or did cardio/weight lifting 2+ hrs a day. I feel like you are telling the story of my life up in some ways…the weight you lost, the way you went nuts exercising (I would work out 2+ hrs a day & everyone but my husband thought I exaggerated), and the sugar cravings.

    I have wanted to do the zero carb thing on/off for years, but have always let the cost stop me. I have a limited budget & can envision myself eating 2, maybe 3lbs of bacon in one sitting. I am almost frozen in fear that I will be eating $30/day to keep myself satiated.

    What kind of $ did you spend when you first began on food? Has it changed? Is it less now that you eat mostly burgers? What about in the early days when you were still low carb, and then the early days of switching to zero carbs?

    Your story is truly inspiring, btw. Truly.

    • Terry Wall

      You will be surprised how little you spend on food. You aren’t buying all the other filler stuff, so we actually spend less!

    • Katherine

      I know this is a very old post, but maybe someone will come across it soon. The money spent on carbs would be transferred to meats, and, in my case, I eat less through-out the day. A couple eggs and some bacon for breakfast and I’m still not really hungry come lunch. The desire to “munch” is gone too. The food budget for us hasn’t really changed. And on a side note, we very rarely eat out anymore, so there’s added savings.

    • Lady

      I currently am on this diet and I agree with the others: it’s much cheaper! The protein fills me up so my body doesn’t need to munch all day long. I have no cravings, my energy levels are high, I can think clearly (without the fog), I don’t get migraines/tension headaches any more, AND I’m losing my excess weight. It’s GREAT!

      Just like everyone above me said–I’m spending less money on junk, and only spending it on food I really need/like. I’ve measured what I eat and I only eat MAYBE 16 oz of meat a day. Before this diet, I was a portions girl: the bigger the portions the happier I was. But the protein in the meat cuts all of that so I barely eat anything now. I like eating organic, too, which means buying meats that are more pricey than other meats. But even then I spend less money than I do now!

      I have 4 eggs in the morning with 4 slices of Canadian Bacon. A carton of 12 organic (free range, brown) eggs costs me around $3.50 and lasts me 3 days. That’s about a $1.16 for eggs a day. The bacon is even cheaper–$2.50 (ish) for around 20 slices. That equals 0.13 cents per slice. So breakfast for me is around $1.68.

      Now for lunch and dinner. Today I went to Walmart and bought a 16 oz packet of organic ground hamburger meat for $3.50. Don’t be fooled by it’s size! When you start you’re gonna look at that small packet of meat and think, “I’m going to starve!” You’re not. When I first started I could only have 12 oz of meat a day (4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 4 dinner). Trust me, you won’t get hungry. And if you do just eat 2 more ounces!
      Anyway, that little packet of meat can last me two meals, even three if I’m not super hungry. Today I decided to make it only for 2 meals. I fried it up at lunch, put taco seasoning in it, and split it in half. BOOM! Cheap meal! I only use half of a taco packet= 0.40 cents for these two meals. Split $3.50 in half and you’ve got $1.75. So for lunch AND dinner I’ve spent a whopping total of $2.15! Now imagine if I had split that into thirds (like I normally do): that would make three meals, each meal equaling only $1.31!

      So for a total count for today: I’m full, energized, and only spent around $3.83. It’s FANTASTIC.

      Now obviously I’m cool with eating hamburger meat today. But most days I like to have each meal be something different. So I may fix up some hamburger meat, and a chicken breast (I split the chicken breast up into individual ziplocks so I can have personalized portions). Then I may eat half of the hamburger meat for lunch and eat the chicken breast for dinner. I’ll take the rest of the hamburger meat and put it in the fridge until tomorrow.

      You can eat all types of meat: chicken, fish, lamb, beef, seafood….You get a lot of options. The only person who limits the variety in which you eat is YOU. Cook the meat differently, use different spices, use different cheeses or dressings…it works–trust me!

  10. Mel

    Hi Kelly
    I totally recommend reading The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick and his blog is great too. If you scroll through his blog posts you will find heaps of info on cholesterol, blood tests and Statins. Seriously anyone who has read his book would never even consider taking a Statin (I hope). Happy meat eating! Mel.

  11. Mike

    I just started the steak and eggs diet myself and I always have this fear in the back of my head if this is really going to kill me. I’m so glad to see othes having success with this diet as Vince Gironda did back in the 1950’s. I only eat twice a day and each meal consists of an 8oz steak and four eggs. My calorie intake is about 1800 which leaves me a pretty good deficit. I also work out 4 times a week at the gym for about 45 minutes lifting weights. I found this to be a great weightloss program. 3 lbs a week loss is a great start! Thank you for the informative article. Keep up the awesome work.

  12. Sandy

    I’ve read every post now I’m hungry for more! Why no more posts?!

  13. josh

    i can tell you from personal experience, in short (not long), that being on a meat only diet (I don’ t eat eggs) and drinking just water: meat and water, I have cured the side effects of many health issues that I had. I have mitochondrial disease and from that all sorts of things I dealt with for years, progressively got worse. I donate blood every 8 weeks, like clockwork, but I can tell you that by how i look and feel, all my mental and physical health issues went away from just eating meat and drinking water. I don’t do salt. I am sharing this to help others. Its very hard at times, but living healthy and being happy are the most important things in my life and many of your lives. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  14. Eloise

    Taking a sick day from work today, lying I bed and just read ALL your posts in one go. Can’t wait to hit the fb page and faq. I have lost 17kgs since July 2015 on low carb and I am very interested to now look into this no carb idea… Went from 75kgs to 58kgs. For my height about 52kgs will give me the flat tummy bikini body. I am also hoping to cut the sugar cravings as the are still very real, especially since I cheated badly in our recent Easter break. Thank you very much for sharing your story

  15. She Concepts

    I am 5’7″ as of today I weigh 253 lbs and as of today I will commit to this no carb lifestyle. I am hoping that whoever reads this sends me some positive energy, blessings, good vibes and whatever else I may need to get the universe on my side.

  16. Phoebe

    Hello, Do you think I will get the same results from eating just poultry and seafood? I do not eat beef or pork.

  17. Nita Hiltner

    I just can’t imagine never eating salad again. Do you take vitamins and minerals that don’t come from meat and eggs?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–no daily multivitamin for Kel. She did take a prenatal during pregnancy, however. It’s surprising how many vitamins you can get from meat, though!

  18. Dee

    I came across your blog and was inspired to start low carving and moving to Zero carving. I love my veggies. Today I cooked a turkey meatloaf wrapped in bacon! A first. It was good. Thank you for sharing!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–not a stupid question at all. Kel has occasionally eaten dairy (really only cheeses and heavy cream for her coffee). Right now, though, she’s been off the dairy wagon for a while.

  19. Lynette

    Hello, I am a 56 year old woman….I found I had diabetes 2 on the 10th March 2017. I was 144 kg..or 317 lbs in your speak. Today on 24 th March 2017 I am 139 kgs..or 306 lbs. I also have high blood pressure, asthma, a dicky knee. I have read all info on this weird wonderful sounding WOE, but to be honest, even though I can understand the logic behind it all, the high fat part terrifies me. I guess what I am basically asking is this….please please please be honest about this WOE claims, because I cannot afford to make my health worse. For the last 14 days, my blood sugar has come down a lot, ( but that maybe due to the meds ), and I have lost 5 kgs..11 lbs. I would gratefully appreciate a honest reply…Thank you..24/03/2017

    • Barbara

      Consider looking at the facebook page Reversing Diabetes & Low Carb Journey (Cooking with Kristie). It is important that you handle your blood glucose issues and learn how making this decision will affect you. I am basically in the same shaoe as you and these 2 groups have made a huge difference. We discuss budget concerns a lot because many people see that as a concern. Good Luck and be sure to post to me if you see me there!

  20. TheManFromTaco

    Yes. I had bloodwork down while I was on a moderate bulking routine with lots of heavy weight training and goodly amounts of meat and eggs every day, and my cholesterol levels were better than they ever had been in my life.

    Research increasingly shows that wonky blood lipid levels are caused, not by high dietary fat and cholesterol intake, but by too much STARCH AND SUGAR! Down with carbohydrates!

  21. Sylvain

    Those numbers are almost unbelievable! Unbelievable but in a way believable… and that is why, at 57 years old, I am about to begin my zero carb journey!

  22. SKP

    Question … I hate meat. Is there anything I can substitute for the meat? I am newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and scared out of my mind. Also clueless. Saw the nutritionist who encourages me to eat the very thing that’s got me here, Carbs!! But that’s to keep taking the Metformin. Seems to me if I stop the carbs and eat protein and fat to keep my liver from dumping insulin I should be able to reverse this right? What can I eat instead of meat? Anyone?

    • Kimmy

      SKP, there aren’t many options to substitute for meat except fish and eggs. Beans are high carb. Tofu is acceptable and has a reasonable carb count with 20 grams of protein in a cup. Clean low carb plant based protein powders (example Pumpkin) will increase your protein levels without too high carb count to keep your hunger at bay by including it in shakes. Be cautious with the fruit as many are high carb. Here’s a good site to get ideas Good luck! I just started LCHF on Saturday and I’m already down 4 pounds today!

    • CheapMeat

      Hey skip, check out subs on Reddit like VeganKeto (not that you need to be vegan) and look up low glycemic index vegetables. There’s some really good high fat veggies (well technically fruit) like Avocados. Coconut oil is also good in Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which are pro ketosis. It’s not nesscary to be in ketosis. But it’s a good search path for you if you don’t want to go the meat route but still have the benefits of a low carb, high fat diet. Not eating meat is pretty difficult to do IMO to be low carb. But it’s doable.

  23. Ann

    For SKP… Go to LCHF (low carb, high fat). There are vegetarian options there, along with keto, paleo, etc. Get educated, be informed. Move forward. “I think I can, I think I can.”

  24. Judi Veitz

    Isn’t it awesome?! I got the same declaration from my doc. I was featured on Diet Doctor last year and am still working on losing about 15 more pounds. I have been low carb high fat for two years now. I am considering going zero carb. I think I’ll jump in and read more on your blog.

  25. Anne

    Hello and thanks to all previous posters 🙂
    I’m in Australia and just turned 60 a few months ago. Haven’t been able to shed weight since menopause, about 8 years ago. Found the zero-carb plan and have dropped 24lbs since January, so I am DELIGHTED by the whole way of eating, as it’s rid me finally, of my life-long sugar/carb cravings.
    Only problem is that my GP is horrified by my cholesterol readings in a blood test recently; he says it’s twice a safe level – ?! I see other posters declaring their bloods are great/healthy, but mine isn’t and I’m at a loss about what to do 🙁 Any ideas?

    • L.D

      I’m not the blog author nor am I a doctor but…

      Losing weight can cause cholesterol numbers to be high. Wait until you’re at a stable weight, then get retested. Make sure you fast before the test, don’t exercise before the test. Look up David Feldman. He shows how to drop your numbers for a test (kind of like cramming for school tests).

      Your cholesterol changes every single day, sometimes by a lot. If you focus on Trig/HDL you can ignore the rest. AND you most likely know more about cholesterol than your doctor. My cardiologist was a one trick pony. Take a statin to lower your LDL. I took 3 cholesterol measurements over the course of 6 months. They were all different – by a lot.

      But mostly DON’T WORRY. Stress is harmful for your heart. If you sleep well, eat well, pray/meditate and exercise you’ve done far more than any medicine can do for you. Look for Ivor Cummings. If you watch his cholesterol videos and still think you have a problem find a doctor who can help.

      I’m 53, lost 52 lbs and feed great. I spent decades trying to exercise my way out of the pit modern food put me into. Carbs are not worth dying for.

      • L.D

        The statin advice was from my cardiologist NOT me. I neglected the quotes.

    • Rashida

      Hi, I’m late, but there is nothing wrong with your cholesterol being high, not even your ldl cholesterol. What is important is the triglycerides and hdl. You want the triglycerides to be low and your hdl to be high with a good triglycerides/hdl ratio. That’s all that really matters. And if you are still worried, you could always do a CAC. Good luck!

  26. Jimmie

    Thanks for this! I just had a physical. (Like you, it’s been many years.) My doctor was concerned about my “high” cholesterol when the labs came back. But looking at this information, I can see I’m a-okay! My triglycerides to HDL ratio is only .58!

  27. Colleen

    Can you live on meat and eggs alone a nourish a breastfeeding toddler (he is going on 4 years old but I have continued to nurse due to his extremely picky eating habits and I’m afraid he’ll starve if I quit or be malnourished. He has battled Candida overgrowth most of his life). Can I also take a prenatal (what kind do you recommend?), eat cilantro, garlic, onions and orange juice on the protein diet? Thank you for the inspiration 🙂 Blessings Do I have to eat organic meat and eggs (poor)?

  28. Robert Atkinson-Knuckles

    On a meat only diet, can you season meats with spices, would that defeat the purpose?

  29. Stella

    Hi Kelly, loved your YouTube interview. Real eye opener, been low carb for a while, makes me not so guilty when I don’t fancy veggies. I am in uk, and my husband loves meat. We recently got his bloods checked just for fun, and his creatinine levels were high and bun high too, I lowered his protein to under 90g a day and a month later his levels have dropped. I think this means his kidneys are fine. However, I wondered if you had your creatinine and bun checked, these tend to rise when having excess protein. Problem is the “normal” levels aren’t based on eating once a day or having low carb, all his other blood work apart from blood irate were spot on and blood pressure was awesome the doctor was surprised, I don’t think it made sense to him!! No surprise there. Thanks for the inspiration, Stella

  30. Greg

    I’m so happy for you. These are great numbers, and all without eating organ meats! 🤪

  31. Sam

    This is very encouraging to read, as I am planning to start ZC very soon. The one marker I am curious about is IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1). A high IGF-1 number is a risk factor for some cancers. Have you had that tested? Everything I have read says that high protein consumption increases IGF-1, but I have yet to see anyone on ZC that has said how theirs has been affected. This is keeping me from starting right away, and I hope to find an answer soon. Thanks. 🙂

  32. Bill Leach

    It has now been a great many years but… I had a general nuclear worker health exam and the doctor told me that he was concerned that my cholesterol was too high. He recommended that I cut out dairy, eggs and bacon (in particular). I was recently divorced, hard-headed, and was not about to give up foods that I liked but had indeed not been eating much of those foods and instead had been eating cereal for breakfast!

    I switch, stopped eating cereal almost completely and ate almost exclusively eggs, bacon, and toast with copious amounts of butter (I never could stand margarine). When I went back for the followup, I was fully expecting to get another lecture on my cholesterol. I did not! My cholesterol was fine!

    Of course I did not at the time realize that for the most part my diet was SAD and was ultimately destroying my health.

    • Kat Welch

      I LOVE your story! I started dancing around and hooping and hollering LOL! I’m a retired nurse (and a Texan), I can appreciate when the patient “wins” against the SAD way of eating.

  33. Peter
    I watched this video and found you to be absolutely charming. I was told I have type two diabetes 10 years ago. I was put on medications and finger sticks and a new found focus on my A1c. In fairness I was told to watch my diet but I was never told it was curable and reversible. I became an avid biker and hiker, lost a lot of weight but was still in the Over Weight BMI. My daughter told me I was missing the boat with all my emphasis on exercise and sent me The Diabetes Code. I started Keto and intermittent fasting a month ago, stopped taking medications to avoid potential hypoglycemia and I’ve lost 15 pounds which put me in the Normal BMI range. I started by reading the Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code Dr. Jason Fung which were recommended to me by my daughter, a CRNA, parent of two healthy boys (who don’t get candy) your age and a long time Peleo advocate.
    I’ve been watching every video on YouTube by several health professionals but I was happy to find yours based on your own experience. I am now looking forward to getting my next blood work done to see how the numbers stack up. Using myself as a lab rat I am anxious to find out if the theory of Keto with emphasis on Carnivore plays out favorably in the numbers that my doctor and my wife, a nurse specialist, will respect. I hope that these next few months of obsession with diet payoff and that I can simply cut out sugar (and medications) and continue living a happy healthy life. Many thanks again for taking the time to share your experiences with the public and all the best to you and your family.

  34. Kat Welch

    After reading your article, I ran and got my last lab results and did the math: Trig/HDL. I have been on the ZC for 5 days. I’m excited for my next labs in four months! I’m 2.84 right now. I want to get it under 2. Thank you for educating me!

  35. Xisca

    This is the part where I am not as good as you, after 1 year and a half carnivore, I would love a lower LDL, lower uric acid, higher iron, lower ferritine, lower MCV, higher MCHC, and higher total proteins!
    Here it goes…
    glucose 92
    cholesterol 306
    LDL 211
    HDL 80
    Triglyceride 76
    So the ratio of HDL to triglycerides is thankfully good, but the ratio to LDL could be better!
    Uric acid 5,63 is already too high
    MCV 92,7 is over 90 so too high and showing B12 is low.
    MCHC 32,2 is at the lower limit, so too low. It tends to show iron deficiency.
    Total proteins 6,61 is at the lowest, so too low.
    Seric iron 55,2 is normal but on the low side,
    Ferritin 121,6 is normal but on the high side,
    comparing the 2 means I store iron, which is also shown in my high hair iron (which motivated the blood test)
    Ok, I am still dumping oxalate and you did not seem to have had the issue. And I never had any weight issues and never was high carb, so my metabolism is not the same as yours.

  36. Jeffrey A Murphy

    Do you know of anyone who’s done this diet after having a thyroidectomy? I’m almost 6 yrs post op,, and while I’m “ok”,, I would love to get closer to being more of my old self.

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