The “Party” Episode: How to handle Social Situations

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Ten years ago, I found Charles Washington at his “Zeroing In On Health” Carnivore forum.

The website was filled with journals written by people who were eating an all-meat diet, and one of the journals belonged to a practicing Optometric Physician, Dr. Lisa Wiedeman.  

Lisa was kind and encouraging to all of us new Zero Carbers, and I felt like I had known her all my life. 

A few months after first finding Charles and Lisa online, I discovered that Lisa’s home was near my husband’s grandmother’s home.  James and I were planning to visit his “Nana” soon, so Lisa invited me, Charles, and about ten other Zero Carbers over for a big, beautiful meal at her home.  It was the first of MANY “meat ups” with other Carnivores and still stands out in my mind as being such a positive and happy experience.  These were definitely pmy people.

Dr. Lisa Wiedeman and I have remained friends ever since, and in today’s episode we discuss how we handle social situations on a Carnivore diet.  We talk through how we handle dinner parties in peoples’ homes, ordering at restaurants, and ZC eating while on vacation.  

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tricks to making social situations less awkward and easier to navigate.  

And now, please meet my dear friend, the amazing Dr. Lisa Wiedeman:  

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  1. Phyllis

    Does anyone have advice on how to live zero carb when your husband keeps trying to sabotage you? I don’t crave carbs or sugar, at all. My husband will fix a sandwich or pasta and get upset when he offers me a bite and I say, no, thank you. Carbs really taste bad to me now. He takes it as a personal insult. He will fix a cocktail for me. I appreciate the gesture, but I feel so much better not drinking ANY alcohol.

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