My Zero-Carb Update–and a Call for Your Stories

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So it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? A quick update…

Recently I celebrated my seventh anniversary of eating a Zero-Carb diet, so I celebrated with a big slice of pie. (Kidding!!) But I was inspired to wipe the dust off of my little blog for an update.

It’s been more than a year since I last made an entry, something that led to numerous emails asking if I stopped writing because I had abandoned the diet or perhaps died of high cholesterol.

Neither, actually. (But thanks to those who were concerned!)

I’m still living my life without carbs, somehow free from scurvy, kidney disease, heart attacks, constipation, and other maladies that much of the general public assumes I suffer due to eating a meat-based diet.  Fear not, carb-free friends, I’ve simply had a bad case of writer’s block.

Well that, and I’ve also been quite occupied. Since writing my last post, I found out I was pregnant, followed a zero-carb diet throughout the pregnancy, delivered a healthy baby girl, and have continued on with my life without carbs while teaching school and mothering three young children.




Life has been busy, but all is quite well.

Some folks have asked if I’ve lost all of the baby-weight, and no, I haven’t.  I don’t know how much weight I’ve kept, though, because I stopped weighing myself about a year ago.   Without stepping on the scales, I am guessing that I’ve kept about 20 pounds.  But I’m not panicking.

Plateaus and weight gain aren’t new to me, as most of you know.  But I’m confident if I continue to avoid carbs my body will find a perfectly suitable weight, and honestly, I’m fairly satisfied with my size right now.  I’m a little curvier than before, but I’m okay with that for the moment.

I’m enjoying the freedom from worrying about daily “bounces in ounces” and from letting the scale determine my mood. Let’s face it–there are more interesting ways to ruin a day than finding out how heavy your body is at any given moment. Also, I’m currently breastfeeding a six month old baby, and I probably need a little extra weight in order to keep my hungry girl happy.  (She’s a CHUNK, so my body is doing its job fabulously, by the way!)



(The picture above is a before/after–the after shot is from October 2016)

What am I eating these days? 

About a year ago you read that I was eating burgers topped with bacon grease. I’m still eating burgers but have dropped the extra fat. For some reason, it just doesn’t sound appealing lately.  My recent eating habits have included eating at around eight quarter-pound beef patties every day, and if I’m still hungry, I’ll have some eggs, bacon, roast beef, or whatever meat I have on hand.

If I ever start craving fat again, I’ll go back to adding it, but my body just doesn’t want extra fat at the moment. I think adding fat is a very meal-by-meal and person-by-person decision. If I desire more fat, I have it!  If leaner meats appeal to me, then lean it is. I don’t calculate micros or try to force anything.  As long as I’m just eating from the animal kingdom (mostly meat with some eggs and a little dairy), I know I’ll be fine.


Yes, I was zero-carb during my third pregnancy.

I’ve written about my first two pregnancies before, but wanted to share that my third pregnancy was a smooth one. I had some food aversions and nausea in my first trimester, but I just ate the meats that appealed to me and avoided the ones that made me gag.  (Chicken wings. *barf* What was wrong with me?)

I mostly ate burgers covered in cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, and mustard. My favorite pregnancy meal was a bunless Monster Thickburger from Hardee’s, which is why you may have noticed an increase in their stock prices. (The Hardee’s drive-thru people recognized my minivan and knew my order by heart. At three locations.)


So I kinda eat at McDonald’s every day. 

Life with three kids is super-busy, and since ThickBurgers are pricey, these days I mostly eat burger patties from McDonald’s.

Every day I order eight quarter pound beef patties, just the meat. That gives me two pounds of beef for $8.00 (prices vary from store to store; I live in North Carolina), meaning that I can get my patties for $4/pound. I can barely get raw meat in the grocery store for less than that! I also love hitting the drive-thru daily because my kids take naps in the minivan while I’m fixing my breakfast/lunch/dinner.  Multitasking at its finest.


And I don’t really exercise.

I Mommy-cise. I crawl around on the floor with the baby, chase my older two kids, carry baskets of laundry, and walk the grocery store, but I don’t go to the gym or bother the poor elliptical machine downstairs. I even stopped wearing my Fitbit, in part because it wasn’t convinced that I was actually alive. I was only getting about 4,000 steps per day, anyway, without going out of my way to get any more exercise than I have to. After nursing a baby all night, every night, the gym has no appeal for me at all.  I have plenty of energy to do what is needed, but not a lot of excess, nervous energy that I need to work off.

I should also point out that working as an elementary school teacher is sort of a workout on its own.

My take on exercise is like my take on eating. If I feel like moving, I MOVE. If I want a walk, I take one!  If my body is requesting rest, I rest. I trust my body and follow its lead. And lately, my body has enjoyed low-key things like slow walks and floor-play. And my couch with a side of Family Feud and some bacon.


But I almost lost an organ this summer.

The only bad news I can think to report is that I had some gallbladder trouble when our youngest was a few months old.  I started having abdominal pain along with severe nausea, so my doctor did some tests and determined that my gallbladder was low-functioning. I honestly panicked when my doctor mentioned surgery. I was so afraid that my high-fat diet would cause trouble if I had to have my gallbladder removed.  I definitely had my name added to the church prayer list.

My doctor said that gallbladder issues are incredibly common for new moms and said that the more babies you have, the more likely you are to need it removed. Gee thanks, kids.

It was a truly miserable few weeks. I couldn’t stomach the idea of eating burgers or even steak, so I mostly drank broth and ate lean meats like chicken breast and deli meat. When my gallbladder first started acting up, we were on vacation at the beach, and I noticed I felt better when I only ate shrimp. I certainly didn’t want to live like that forever. This lioness cannot live on broth and shrimp alone.

Then, just before my appointment with the surgeon, I suddenly got better.


Just like that.

The nausea went away. The pain went away.  I was able to eat anything I wanted without any symptoms. The surgeon is a Christian man and said that prayer works and that I should thank God.  He also said that my zero carb diet was perfect for correcting gall-bladder troubles. (Which was ironic to me, because most people had assumed that my diet was why I was having trouble in the first place.  Apparently not.)

Bottom line, I’ve had no trouble in about two months now and pray that I will continue feeling great.  I’ve returned to my regular diet of burgers without any further issues.

I’m at a fabulously happy place right now.  I feel very at peace about how I eat.  In every way I can think of, life is good and I feel great.


Now, for the fun part: Send me your Zero-Carb Stories!

Over the past year, hundreds of you have taken the time to email me to ask questions or share stories or just talk. I haven’t been able to respond to all of your comments and questions, but please know those stories are truly inspiring, and I’m so proud of what you’re accomplishing in your life.

But it occurred to me that, while my own zero-carb life is plugging along without much news to share, your stories are remarkable and deserve an audience.

So share them with me!

Email your stories to — tell me about your journey, about your struggles and successes. I’ll try to pick a few to post here.

In the meantime, friends, eat well! Eat meat! Enjoy the zero-carb life!





95 Responses

  1. Chris Snyder

    Awesome update Kelly! I owe you huge thanks for your blog, it’s what got me to Zero Carb. You’re an inspiration to us all in so many ways.

  2. Ann Marie

    Glad to know you’re well and thriving! I’d read James’ blog when you were on vacation and he’d mentioned a stomach bug so that explains it. Interesting info from the surgeon about your diet actually being a remedy for your ailment. You give me hope to cure MY ailment once and for all with meat and water (day 14) and if I succeed you’ll hear from me in the future because if I can help even one person avoid the pain I’ve been through all while trying to take care of myself only to find the diet was the cause all along it will be more than worth sharing. I’ve had more improvement with inflammation and general well being in these last 14 days than I’ve ever had so things are defintely looking up. Thanks for continuing to share your story and allow us a glimpse into your life to see it is a sustainable way of life. Look forward to more posts! Viva N=1!

  3. Fatima

    Can I know what you put in the burgers? I mean what the ingredients are? I did zero carb last year for about 3 months because I was inspired by your blog…I failed miserably >_< I wan't to do it again but I always fail…I'm very addicted to carbs…T_T I'm 240lbs heavier than I was when I started last year

    • jamesdhogan

      Hi there–Kel’s husband James here. Just meat in the burgers! Nothing else. Ground chuck–80 percent is super–and maybe a dash of salt and pepper on top.

  4. Patricia

    So good to hear from you again! Has your doctor ever been concerned for your liver function with your meat intake?

    • Amanda

      I have liver issues and I was wondering the same. I was told to stay away from meat and cheese.

      • jamesdhogan

        Kel’s husband James here–always wise to listen to what the doctor tells you to do.

  5. Barbara

    Kelly, I’m glad you are back! As you know I’ve also had weight issues. Your posts intrigue and inspire me. Keep going! I enjoy reading your story.

  6. Anne

    You look perfect. Can’t imagine you needing to lose any weight. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  7. Raleighman

    Your story on the evening news was picked up on channel 5 in Raleigh, and inspired me to go from keto 20 grams of carb a day to all meat zero carb. It’s great! After dropping 70 pounds on keto over 2 years, zerocarb got rid of those last 30 pounds and back to high school skinny at age 54 and maintaining easily. Amazing health benefits happened, including reversal of receding gums, a supposed impossibility. Thank you for this blog!

  8. Connie Cheek

    Hey guys, I recently meet Kelly. She is truly an awesome person, a wonderful mother, great wife, so full of energy and is absolutely beautiful (lucky man James Hogan) I thought she would be one of those “small amount portion” eaters! NOT TRUE! The girl eats! She eats her zero carb diet and she eats until she is full–YOU GO KELLY!! She looks so healthy, she just glows! Her children are bundles of energy, healthy and also beautiful (once again Lucky man James Hogan) I wish everyone could meet Kelly, she is truly amazing and her diet definitely works for her! Keep it up Kelly Hogan!

  9. Erika

    I love your reading your blog. I’m so glad you’re back!! 🙂 I was hoping you’d post again. 🙂 Your new baby girl is so precious. Yay for you for making the best health choices for you and her! <3

  10. J.D.

    Does this not effect your Cholestral and trigl???? I would love to try this but my chol and trig are already too high??

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–always do what your doctor tells you. But you might check out Kel’s post about her lab results. She’s got the best cholesterol in the family!

    • Phil

      Obviously James is saying what he says because of liability issues. It is NOT always best to do what your doctor tells you from my experience. Research the Keto and 0 carb diets, you’ll find that cholesterol and trigl are not a problem for most people when you eat natural foods. If I had followed my doctors recommendations I would be dying from insulin, eating the poor quality American diet. I walked out of that office and naturally adopted a low carb diet (because it is obviously better for you than the recommendations). My blood is stable and I have had no problems for more than two years. Do your research. Doctors are not bad people, but their scope of knowledge on anything outside of mainstream medicine is literally nil. ALWAYS look around, it could save your life.

    • J Mazock

      I fought high cholesterol for 10 years, just couldn’t get below 243. Within a few months of following the keto diet, my doctor took me off my meds. Now I am researching going zero carbs to get those last pesky 11 pounds off. I talked to several folks who said they initially had a spike in cholesterol but it quickly reversed so assuming my body did the same thing but by the time I had my bi-yearly appointment, I missed seeing the spike and had the happy surprise of getting off the lovistatin already. Yay

      • Marty Applegate

        I agree with Phil, the issue with doctors is that they are fed the same propaganda about nutrition that the establishment espouses. I would challenge you to understand that most doctors only took the same nutrition class that nurses, exercise physiologists and most medical practitioners get. They only respond to the standards of the Western American Diet, laden with processed foods and Genetically Modified Foods we see in our modern world. I work out every day and have for the last 53 years of my 64 on the planet. I have done martial arts, bodybuilding, and powerlifting so I have always been on some kind of diet. At 42 I wont the over 40 Mr. Idaho at 200 pounds. Over time I got to 300 pounds and did not really change my diet I just ate and worked out. Something had changed and for me it was gluten sensitivity and too many carbs. I went on keto and lost 45 pounds but was still bloated and although quite muscular I had a gut that was progressively getting bigger. I got on the carnivore diet 4 months ago and immediately lost my gut in like 2 months. I am now about 230 and extremely strong and muscular. I talked to my doctor and although he thought I was a bit crazy every time I had a checkup my blood work was improved immensely. He says he should be listening to me because he is open minded and has seen my results over the last 5 years. He says just keep doing what you are doing and boy do I have a surprise for him at my next checkup. I am going to enter the over 60 Mr. Maryland bodybuilding show and win. Best of luck to everyone, keep looking up everything you can and keep an open mind, you may find a miracle you never knew existed and make your life worth every workout and sacrifice, I know I have.

  11. SharonClaire

    Question: I have heard time and again that fast food burgers, such as McDonald’s have carbs in their meat to help with the cost, i.e. oats are added. Have you any knowledge of this?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–none that we know of. According to McD’s, they’re 100 percent ground beef.

  12. Patti

    I started zero carb a month ago and am down 8lbs. I have never been a sweet eater but fries and pizza? Hold me back. Now he topping of a pizza or the insides of a calzone are perfect, cheese sticks and almonds are often my dinner. Went to lunch at McD today and got 2 McDoubles and just ate just the hamburger. Cheap eats as you said. Congrats on your weight loss! you look amazing!!!

  13. T. Parks

    I did low carb (Adkins) many years ago. Lost 20lbs and kept it off for 4 years. Had my daughter (she’s now 10) and just can’t get myself back on the wagon. I’ll last for a few days and then tank. How do you not get so tired of eating the same thing over and over?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–it’s a great question, and it has a lot to do with how you view eating. Kel tends to look at food as fuel–and nothing else. We don’t patronize certain gas stations for what we put into our cars–we just tend to fill up the tank when we’re near empty. Kel sees food the same way. Hungry? Time to eat. If a meal doesn’t look appetizing, then maybe I’m not really hungry in the first place. (Now, if I can only do that around the holidays…)

  14. Dale Hall

    I found your story on fb and it has really caught my interest. I have always carried some weight but now in my 40’s I have suddenly gained weight and nothing I do is helping to lose it. I do have a question though, I like vegetables so do you eat any ever and if so how much/often? I enjoy salads so do those need to go away, if so I think I can. Thanks for your story.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–nope! Her diet doesn’t include veggies, so no salads. But I understand–I love them too!

  15. Kirk Wagoner

    Do you take any kind of vitamins and minerals to make up for the fact that most meats are fed grain and not their natural diet of forage and thus the things we get from their flesh is not as quality as that of the Inuit etc?

    I’m seriously considering going zero. I’m low, borderline keto now and ALL my weight lifting friends trainers etc are saying I need to up my carbs, but I’m not sure I want to. Going zero is something I’ve never heard of anyone doing. I have gone really low but I do experience stool problems. I might be eating too much cheese.

    Thanks so much if you respond.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–Kel doesn’t take a daily vitamin, but she did take a prenatal during pregnancy, following her doctor’s recommendation.

      • Kirk Wagoner

        Thanks. I never got a message saying you answered. Just happened to be looking through opened saved tabs on my phone.
        I appreciate that you took the time to respond.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–that’s a great question for your doctor, Renee. Always consult your physician when you can. Best of luck to you!

  16. Pjjonez

    Do you feel like your blood type allows you to be zero carb whereas other blood types may need some carbs…im 0- and spposedly will do extremely well….however have been a little trepidacious as my gallbladder is “full” and im 66…any geezers out there?…lol…also on lite pain meds due to back pain….will this throw off anything?….drinks lots of unsweet tea and high alkaline water….8.5-9….carrying and extra 80 to 90# and its starting to affect me in many negative ways….btw you look amazing….do you see any bad flags in my assessment….btw i never had a weight prob till about 1990 when i started drinking real soda when they did away with sacharrin….aspartame guves me blinding headaches and im nit a headachy person….cant believe that crap is still legal….thanx for your time and your site……..also how can u be sure there are no additives or sugars in any if the meats….like bacon usually says sugar so is it hard for fillers and additives not to throw you off….thanx

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–lots to unpack here. First, I’d say listen to what your doctor is telling you. It’s critical that whatever changes in lifestyle/diet you undertake are in consultation with a physician. As for additives/sugars in meat–check the ingredients label. You can also buy raw meat, which tends to be unadulterated.

  17. Saphy

    I love going for cocktails with my friends…. does wine or gin and diet tonic fit in with zero carb… is there such a thing??? I am going for raw oysters and gin and tonics for a friends birthday this week…. how does that work for zero carb

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–well, it does and it doesn’t. Diet tonic, unfortunately, is just sweetened with a sugar substitute. I think you’d be okay with gin, though. Wine can get pretty carby. Maybe try a gin martini?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–as she mentioned in this post, you can more or less get a pound of burger patties at McDonald’s for $4/pound. Depending on how much you need to eat, it’s certainly possible to do this diet and keep your costs under $10/day. Given that I can easily spend that in a single meal, Kel’s diet seems pretty cheap.

  18. Stephanie

    I am so glad I found your blog. This is the motivation I need to change my eating habits. I weighed 252 and I’m down to 215. I have hit a wall though and really need to lose another 50 pounds. I have followed a no carb diet in past, and lost weight, but didn’t have the will power to stick with it. I am addicted to carbs and really need to break this cycle. Thank you for the posts.

  19. Nicole

    There wasn’t much mentioned about fruits and vegetables. Do you still incorporate these in your meals? I am not a fan at all of either one so it would give me a great deal of hope to know it is still possible to reach my goals. Save the lettuce for the rabbits 🙂

  20. Kim

    For me I know that my carb intake has increased of late and I feel it. I am tired and I crave sweets and have horrid blood sugar swings. I have never gone no carb, but low carb and felt much better. I just can’t imagine never eating a potato again, that would make me sad.

    I had gastric bypass 2 years ago and lost 115 lbs and kept it off. But after surgery, meat is not my favorite thing. I can eat it, but it makes me gag at times. There are days when beans are the only protein I can stomach along with greek yogurt.

    Wish you the best and I hoping to get my carb count down!!

  21. Jessica

    Hi there,

    I am currently doing Atkins, which in no carbs and last year I had my gallbladder removed. Does that mean I should not eat burgers or steaks? I don’t have any problems when I eat them usually. I saw your comment about not being able to eat them if you had to have yours removed so now I am a little panicked, I am a total carnivore as well and I would hate to loose my 3 day Atkins drive haha. Thoughts?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–if it’s working for you, and your doctor seems to think you’re okay, then keep going! Our advice is to always, always consult your physician. Good luck!

  22. Andrea

    Hello Kelly. I want to thank you for blogging. It was your story that helped me go from my low carb woe to ZC. There’s not a lot of information out there on eating ZC. I’ve going some groups on fb that have been a blessing. The weight on ZC is finally melting off. I feel that I’m finally adapted, something I couldn’t do with months of Keto! I really need to cut the carbs down to Zero! I’m so happy and feel great!! I feel liberated from thoughts of food and hunger pangs.

    Your story is amazing!! Your family is beautiful!! Congrats on your gorgeous baby girl! Very happy to see your continued success with this style of eating.

    You rock!!!

    Again thank you for the update. I always return to your blog for added motivation.

  23. Earnest

    My wife and I have started a low carb diet and the weight is coming off. However, I want to move in a no carb diet. Do you have absolutely no carbs or do you have under a certain amount of carbs lest say less than 10 grams a day?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–it really does tend to be zero carb. I’m sure there’s an occasional carb that wanders in there (you’d be surprised how some restaurants manage to ruin meat, eggs, and cheese) but it’s never intentional, and she doesn’t have a goal to stay under.

  24. Lori Perkins

    I just read your story and Congrats to you!! I had weight loss surgery about a 1 1/2 years ago. I started at 259 5’5″ frame. I got down to 180ish. Now I seem to stay at that weight no matter what I eat. My biggest problem is eating at night and of course its all sweets, crackers and chips. I hardly eat during the day because I stay up until midnight. I live alone too. How do I get past those night time cravings at night? How did you get through the first week. I will follow you and report my results to you. I need help to get back to 145 or even 160.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–certainly good luck in your efforts. So much of this boils down to an individual’s psychology about eating. I can personally be disciplined about some things but not others–and I can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer a food addiction. So while I can’t recommend a magic trick of avoiding snack cravings, it seems worthwhile to seek out ways to support yourself from caving into them.

  25. Penny Luster

    I have been inspired by your blog. I am insulin-resistant with metabolic syndrome. I have tried every variety of diet, albeit half-hearted to get back to my happy weight which is around 130-140, I am currently 189 and have been hovering around there for about 10 years and that includes during two pregnancies. I carry the weight well but I don’t like it and as vain as it is, I cannot wear the things I want to wear. I tell my kids I am too fabulous to settle for where I am. I have the mental strength and perseverance to do everything else I set my mind too and I am now refusing to be beating by fat.
    I started this morning and I would call it extremely low carb. I am lucky to have a chipotle right next door to my work so I went in and ordered a scoop of chicken, a scoop of steak and guac with a half handful of lettuce. I had eggs and sausage for breakfast, tons of water and green tea so far today. I can feel the headache coming on and I say bring it, that just means I am burning off the glucose and heading toward depletion. The withdrawal is real and it won’t be fun but I know that now, at the age of 43 is the time for me to get my s**t together regarding my weight and my future health.
    Thanks for the inspiration, I will check in with you in 30 days!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–nope. Lots of meat and lots of water seems to do the trick.

  26. carolyn berlund

    Is it possible to do this diet if you have had your gallbladder removed?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–given we both have our gallbladders, I can’t say for sure. Coincidentally, one of the better diets for folks with gallbladder problems (according to what the doc told us) is a low/zero-carb diet.

  27. Lisa

    Hi! I just came upon your blog. It is very interesting & encouraging. I read you eat lots of burgers. Can vegetables be eaten on this diet too? Thanks! 😉

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–veggies mean low carb, and Kel is doing zero carb. So, zero veggies. 🙂

  28. Lee

    I’ve heard if this diet before but was skeptical. Can you please address the fact that doing this diet makes your breath smell rancid? I want to do this but I’ve always heard that it causes a foul odour to emit from your breath and pores.
    A response would be greatly appreciated.
    You do look fabulous!

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–I can attest to the fact that my wife (and her breath) smells great. 🙂

  29. Tim @ Gynecomastia

    Oh my God. If I also happen to receive news from my doctor that I need a surgery because of all my unhealthy eating habits, I would shift to a low-carb diet asap. Anyhow, is it recommended to instantly change your carb-content or is it better to slowly lower it down to help your body adapt the changes ?

  30. Jean

    This is really interesting. I do have questions –knew that was coming didn’t you? Lol! I tried Atkins back in the day but I had terrible constipation. Do you do anything or does the high fat in your diet help that?

    I’m going to sound like a hipster but is the meat you eat, grass fed, or free range or etc etc.?

    I keep seeing studies about meat leading to cancer and that would scare the crap out of me!

    Thank you in advance and so happy your gall bladder recovery went well!

    • Dana

      If you get constipation when eating this way- meaning zero carb eating, it means that you’re not getting enough fat. However, if you get diarrhea, then you have too much fat and need to increase the protein. You have to find the balance that works for your body.

  31. S

    Did you take supplements during your pregnancy for folate and other important nutrients that are not obtained in muscle meat since you do not eat organs?

    • jamesdhogan

      James here (Kel’s husband) — she did indeed take a prenatal vitamin with her doctor’s consultation.

  32. Thankful

    Dear Kelly,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! If I hadn’t found your blog I would be still wondering how in the world was I going to get my life back. I was at my wits end and feeling like I could just die after a lifetime of yoyo dieting and getting bigger and bigger after each one. I was sure my own body hated me! THEN I READ YOUR BLOG and it just clicked! Everything I knew for sure about food went out the window and I became a Zero Carber the next day. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER! In 3 weeks, I’ve lost 14lbs, the swelling in my legs has gone, I have more energy, I don’t wake up in a fog and I no longer have stress (or guilt) about what I feed my body. So thank you for sharing your story Kelly; for once in my life I’m looking forward to where I will be in a year from now.

  33. Lauren

    I went from Keto eating and now trying zero carb with finally some wt loss successs. Question is can I stay in ketosis despite eating this much meat? My ketone meter tells me I’m out of ketosis. I gather you don’t worry w fat adaptation though.

  34. Ten

    You look great, Kelly! I’m so inspired by your story and dedication to zero carb. I have ADHD and have been told it’d be good to go on a high protein diet. I also hate veggies Ha! so I think zero carb would be perfect for me but its hard to get going! Thank you for putting this info out there! ~Ten

  35. Ann D

    I was led to this blog by my daughter who is doing very well. I am very excited to try this zero carb. I have done low carb before, but I think that zero carb would work better in getting rid of cravings. I have a question. I notice that Kelly talks about steak and burgers and bacon and eggs and sausage, (all of which I love), I didn’t notice any ham, which I am planning on making for dinner tomorrow, Is ham allowed? Or do you not eat it because of water retention?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–be sure to take a look at the ingredients label on whatever ham you’re considering. Lots of hams are sugar cured, or have a sugar-based glaze added to them.

      Thanks for reading!

  36. Paula Miller

    I have had a lifetime of weight issues then at age 58 I had 3 disc removed and had my neck fused. I was now fat and
    tired and depressed. All I wanted to do was sleep. The Dr told me the anesthesia made me so tired because it was such a long surgery. Three months went by and I did not see any relief. My whole body ached ( did I mention I have fibromyalgia) I was too fat for most of my clothes and I could hardly stay awake at work. I would go home and sleep getting nothing done at home , which is depressing, and I hated to go anywhere because my clothes were to tight and I got tired so quick. Now comes the part where I read your blog. I have done low-carb before but never no carb. WOW. I think you saved my life. No kidding. Thank you. I began December 1st 2016 and although I have only done this a short time the results are amazing. I had a Dr appt on Dec 12 and had already lost 6 pounds. I don’t weigh at home anymore. My clothes are fitting better but here is the BIG news. After 3 days my energy came back. I am not tired anymore-Praise the Lord! I have started to clean my house. Do things with my friends. Read books. It was amazing. My pain is still an issue but it has be reduced atleast in half. No kidding . zero carb is so much easier and more comfortable than low carb.

  37. Kylie James

    What kind of fat do you use to cook meat/fish in? And… do you garnish meat/fish with anything like S&P, herbs, butter etc.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–usually we grill meat at home, so no fat needed!

  38. Gabriel

    Hello and thank you for the update. Could you tell me how many calories worth of meat per day Kelly ate when she started trying to lose weight?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

    Toronto, Canada

  39. Pam

    I can’t get to post #7. Please help!!!! (not sure what’s in post #7, but felt like it had some information that I needed to see.)

  40. Sharon

    Great to hear your update Kels! I wish you did more :o) I’m coming up to two years ZC. I love that you’re brave enough to share your story with the world 🌎 Thank you for spreading the love. Blessings from Central Australia 🇦🇺

  41. Kerry

    I’ve lost 25 lbs in 10 days on this diet. It was like Christmas every morning when I stood on my scale and I weighed less. My cravings for chocolate and carbs disappeared by the second day. Please stress to your readers that this will work but they have to eat protein and fat only…no ketchup, veggies etc. drink water only…no juice or alcohol. Thank you. I’d never heard of this diet until I read your blog AND I’m never hungry. I have 20 lbs to go.

  42. Melissa

    Wow, thank you so much for your incredible inspiration. I am 100% zero carb and intend to stay that way – I tried it a couple of years ago and fell off – and now I’m back up to 250lbs. Enough! I love how I feel when I don’t eat carbs. Question, do you eat any type of cheese or are there some that you won’t eat to stay true to a zero carb diet? Again, deeply appreciate your fearlessness around this way of eating – you look amazing, and I want to very much follow in your footsteps. 🙂

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–thanks for your comment! There are many cheeses that are fine for a low or zero carb diet. Sometimes Kel has found that dairy affects her in different ways. It’s worth seeing how you feel as you add it in or take it back out. Good luck!

  43. tuomas

    zero carb or 20-40g carb diet is good if eating just birds and seafood. Chicken, turkey, duck, shrimp, oysters, different wild fish species (herring, mackerel, eel, vendace, perch, pike etc)…

    an additional source of fat is avocado, olives, coconut.

    works just fine if not eating red meat.

  44. Kat Perry

    I LOVE meat and I’m low I’m thinking the hardest part of this will be giving up my sugar substitute in my coffee… AND I’m used to eating some type of dip with my meat.. I hate dry meat. Can I have mayo or something??

  45. Ashley

    Can Kelly share some about her breastfeeding ventures? I’ve had two children and am expecting my third in July. I’ve always had low supply. Everything I’ve read says that breastfeeding moms need more carbs to produce the milk. I know carbs aren’t great for us, so I’ve usually stayed around 100g when breastfeeding but still had issues. I even ended up on medications whose side effects were to increase milk. I think I remember Kelly saying she had to supplement with her first child but used low sugar formulas. I’ve always had to supplement but would love not to have to this round. Thanks for the insight,

  46. SB

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Just an added idea… some deli-meat brands contain sugar (AKA malto/dextrin)…

  47. sharon king

    I picked up June 12 Woman”s World mag. at a thrift shop interestingly..I had been trying
    unsuccessfully for years every “fad” out there. Nothing worked for me. I had lost 25lbs. on
    Atkins in 2000 before my daughters wedding but have now gained it back plus…I am 71 yrs. young walk 2 miles daily with no results. I am definitely going to give this a serious try .
    Most of my questions have been answered. Look forward to reading more..thanks for clearing up coverage in the mag. article!!

  48. Hande


    I am wrting to you from Turkey. I have been reading your blog for two days now and you have given me the inspiration i much needed for the last few years. But there is one thing i am concerned about and would like your opinion on it.

    A few years ago I followed Dukan diet for 5 months and lost about 45 pounds. However, half way through, i had uric acid levels so high, had to take pills to lower it and not get gout. My question to you is, while eating only protein, how do you keep uric acid under control? I used to drink tons of water and Dukan has days you eat vegetables. Even so, i had to be put on pills to prevent gout. Any recommendations?

    Best wishes from Turkey.

  49. David

    Great article. I’ve been on low-carb for about 4 months and have lost 25 lbs. Two questions, first how much protein do you eat a day? Second, do you have a problem with bad breath? The worst side effect of ketosis.

  50. Louise H

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I found you from a link on (LCHF). I read your entire website in one day.

    I started ZC yesterday. I have been on LCHF, vegetarian and vegan diets over the past 5 or 6 years. My main goal was to get off my blood pressure medications. The vegan promise was false. LCHF didn’t do it either. My doctor says maybe I just have to live with it. I hope not. I have very high hopes that a diet that eliminates all modern foods will be the one to do it. Also, I couldn’t imagine there was a diet where you could lose all cravings for sweets – how liberating!

  51. Andree

    Hi Kelly and James, Thank you for the inspiration to go ZC! So had a grass-fed Ribeye yesterday cooked in grass fed Kerry gold butter. My question is “Do you ever get heartburn” last night was a little uncomfortable. I eat that kind of steak all the time but LCHF , it never happened before. Maybe I ate too much?

  52. DebHA

    I noticed at the top of this site, it says Oct 2016. Are you still doing ZC August 2018? I am considering doing ZC.

  53. Diana

    Hi! I’m low carb.. well, only eat meat, no diary. I have an autoimmune disease and thyroid issues after having my baby. I love it. I’ve never been overweight, but it helped me to stop ‘dieting’ and now feel more free. I would eat bad (binge), then diet, not anymore! I eat grass fed/grass finished beef, pasture raised chicken.. are you worried about the antibiotics in the McDonalds meat?

  54. Bobbie

    I found your blog today and feel like crying. I am 63 – 64 next week type 2 diabetes, can barely walk. No meds for the diabetes because I control with diet. I have lost 114 pounds (was 429) by just changing diet but can’t seem to loose the last 150 lbs. I have been sugar free for about 10 mos but am really struggling with low car. I want to continue but it is really hard.

    I am really having trouble with what to eat. I know you didn’t want to put your diet out there – but I feel that you are an answer to prayer for me! (I am a Christian and have been in prayer for so long about this) After reading your blog and what you eat, and how small your diet is, I feel that for the first time in my life I can do this. Meat, eggs, mustard, cheese, steak, bacon. I can do this! Before I was not knowing what to eat and my income doesn’t allow for all the fancy keto recipes and menus. But this I can do.

    Thank you so much! and Blessing to you the Easter

  55. Donna

    I started eating zero carbs about 3 weeks ago. I’ve read your blog and figure, if it works for you, it’ll work for me, too. It is a no brainer to just eat meat and drink water, and with patience wait for results. I just take it day by day and trust in the process. You are a terrific inspiration to me. Every time I get impatient I read your blog to get past that hurry up and wait place. Hoping for the best success as you have had with your weight and in my health as well. Thank you so much for posting your journey on this blog. Maybe you should write a book about this? Meat is great!

  56. Hannah

    On the subject of gallbladder stones. I remember reading in The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino and on page 211 on my ebook reader he talks about this subject and says this:

    “Ultimately, however, the formation of these gallstones is a disease of in adequate production of bile salts that could be corrected by increasing our intake of choline.”

    Then I looked up shrimp: “Seafood has choline, and 3 ounces cooked shrimp happens to be an excellent source, with 115mg choline or about 21 percent of your daily need.”

    And in Lily Nichols Real Food for Pregnancy. She says on page 231-232:
    “Choline needs are at an all-time high during lactation, as this nutrient is indispensable for brain development. The estimated daily need for choline is 550 mg in breastfeeding moms (compared to 450 mg during pregnancy), which is higher then at any other stage of your life.”

    So there you good. God guided you to the nutrition you needed to heal yourself! 🙂 Just thought other moms would find this information helpful on their journey.

    Just starting carnivore. Married, 19 month old son. Raises our food on our farm. Sask, Canada.

  57. anonymous

    Kelly, I’ve heard that McDonald’s hamburgers can contain up to 90% corn instead of beef. Do you ever notice a difference eating them versus patties or hamburger from the grocery store?

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