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This is my chance to brag on Kelly.

Just two years ago, I finally convinced Kel to begin writing this blog. To that extent, I took care of registering the domain, laying out a website, and working up some graphics and logos. Kelly went to work writing, and soon she was ready to publish her first post. That night, I encouraged her to keep her expectations modest. When I began blogging, I recalled, I aimed for 50 readers. So she clicked publish, and we waited to see what happened.

In its first day, Kel’s inaugural post ended up with 600 readers.

Two weeks later, the site had reached more than 20,000 page views, and it never really slowed down. Thanks to big spikes in traffic due to a few earned media stories, the site has now notched 1,000,000 page views. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Join me in celebrating Kel’s success–which in turn is your success. This blog has become a resource to an entire community of people ready to make a change for themselves, and your success–as measured in the number of times you’ve come here to read Kelly’s story–is nothing short of inspiring. Leave a comment below, and share an update of where you are today!




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  1. Naufrage

    Two years ago, reading some inspiring stories among which your story Kelly, I tried to go zero carb. I was underweight and suffering from heavy digestion issues (celiac? or something).
    To this day I am still ZC, have zero digestive issues, have gained 15 kg of muscles, and have never felt better in my life.
    Thank you Kelly for putting the word out there (and thanks James too :))

  2. Marcy Lilly

    Congratulations Kelly! I’m so glad that I read your blog back in Feb 2015. It changed my life. 🌷🌻🍀
    I’m also doubly blessed to have met you in real life. ❤❤
    You are a rock star!
    Love you, my friend!

  3. Sara Mertes

    How exciting!!! 🎉🎉. I too am glad that I found your blog and proud to call you a friend❤❤

  4. Rebekah

    I’m so glad I found your blog last year! It flipped a switch for me that I really could quit sugar. I’ve lost 45 lbs and feel great!

  5. Monica

    Congratulations, Kelly! I went from a lifetime of SAD to a few years of Paleo followed by a few weeks of Keto. Progressive improvement. Then, in April 2016, I vaguely wondered what I would have been eating in Iowa 10,000 years ago. Certainly wouldn’t have been spinach, avocados, or bulletproof coffee. April, in Iowa… not much if any edible greens. Just critters. Curious, I googled “all meat diet”. Expecting to read that I’d die of scurvy, I stumbled across your blog. Wow!!! Started a 30-day trial in May and have never felt better! Nor have I ever looked back. Life changing! All good! Thank you!!!

  6. Joe Otto

    Oh my goodness, where do I start? Having met you and James in Houston near 18 months ago, then eating dinner with you and a whole bunch of crazy friends last weekend, your enthusiasm for life and living it to its fullest through good health exudes out of every pore! When I read your blog back in March of 2015, I knew I’d found something special. It was beyond my wildest dreams I’d meet you more than once in person! I’m proud to call you my friend! Thanks for everything!

  7. Julie

    Congratulations, Kelly! You’re the reason I started eating this way. You are such an inspiration to so many people and we appreciate all you do. Thank you also, James, for being such an awesome husband. There should be more like you.

  8. Karen

    Congratulations, Kelly! I began the zero carb life about 6 months ago, maybe less. I didn’t write my start date down, but I am proud to say that I’ve lost 70 pounds and counting. Of course, I love my smaller size and the compliments, but what I love more is filling full all the time; crystal, sharp mental clarity; and reversal of my Celiac disease symptoms. No more digestive issues, slugginess, learthargy, hair loss, or dermatitis herpetiformis rash. When I read your story, I completely identified with you. Thank you, Kelly and James, for following the Holy Spirit’s leading by telling your story and helping others.

  9. Catherine Atkin


    Congrats on one million views!

    I found your blog in March 2015. I have followed it ever since!

    It saved my life in every single way! I went from a VLC excessive exercise fiend just going through the motions of life to a happy healthy individual living life to the fullest!
    I can honest say I am free of cravings and the highs and lows of dieting by living the ZC Life!

    Kelly you are a true inspiration for all!

  10. Sarah Woolcock

    Kelly, you have been such an inspiration!! Found your blog after a few other stops on this path and Wow! Such a compelling journey you’ve had. Meeting you last week was a true highlight for me and reading your posts over the past 22 months have been so encouraging. Thank you for being such a rock star!!!! ❤😘

  11. Jody

    Congratulations Kelly! Your blog is what led me to this miracle way of eating 3 Mos ago, now ZC for life! Thank you so much for sharing your life with all!!

  12. Jayne Eldred

    Congratulations Kelly! It must feel wonderful to have reached so many people and to be such an inspiration. Thanks for putting it out there! 🙂

  13. Karen L

    I am just starting & I check the website for new posts & re-read the older ones! I love this website, it helps me very much! Keep posting Kelly!

  14. Sara

    Kelly! Thank you for giving me hope + inspiration. Just found your blog today!! 🙂

  15. Amanda Pruett

    This blog has given me hope. I’ve been reading it but never started zero carb. Well I started February 1st, 10 days in of only drinking water and eating meat, and I’ve lost 14 pounds and the most amazing thing is that I’ve finally gotten my blood sugars below 200. Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to try.

  16. Liesl

    Congratulations Kelly! You are an inspiration. I’m still striving to get there and I come back to read your blog often. Thank you!

  17. Debra

    Kelly and James..I am struggling with consistency but also starting on my journey to know the Lord and his son better. So my hope is to draw strength from prayer to help me make progress and see some results for motivation to continue. THANK YOU both so much for this blog as it is such an inspiration to me!

  18. Dee

    Congratulations Kelly. I was about to go keto when I stumbled across your Zero Carb Zen which led me to your blob. I devoured every word and instantly decided to go ZC. It has been 33 days now and I intend to continue indefinitely. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  19. Melissa

    Wow, it’s one week, and I have loved every minute of ZC – I just can’t believe it’s so easy and it works so well. I’m down 8 pounds and I have no intention of stopping. Of all the stories, and there are some good ones out there – Kelly, yours inspires me the most. I have 120 pounds to lose – and even at this late stage in life (I’m 61) I know I can do it. And really, almost without thinking! I have no cravings, no feeling that I need to ‘binge’ I just eat as I need and I chill. It’s amazing – and horribly sad that the food ‘industry’ is just a money making machine that makes us sick. Oh how I wish I’d known about this 40 years ago! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the new smaller clothes I am going to buy for the courage you had in putting yourself out there for us. And thank you James, for the work YOU had to do to make this happen. Gifts that I deeply appreciate today!!!! Best wishes always, Melissa

  20. Russell P

    What an incredible story — so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom with us. Because of your story and those like it, I am convinced now more than ever that this could be the path for me too. I tried Zero-Carb eating for a few weeks in August 2016 and loved it but foolishly fell back into bad habits in the fall. Despite my relapse, I have been readying myself to try again — this time for the long haul! I really believe that ZC eating is the way to — sure, weight loss will be great, but simply gaining control over my food addiction will be worth the effort.

  21. Nina

    I stood on my scale last night and it read 180lbs. I know for some that isn’t much but for me, it is a big deal. I never even weighed that much when I was pregnant. I am a very vain person I guess, but I can’t deal with it and I have spiraled into a severe depression because of my weight gain. So, starting tomorrow, I am going to start attempting this lifestyle. Going to be hard for me to give up my sweet tea……please pray for me!

  22. Wendy

    Congratulations! I happened upon your blog through Pinterest. I have been doing low carb on and off since the 70’s. I am at my highest weight at 64 years of age because I no where believe I am carb sensitive! I will be start zero carbs tomorrow since I ‘ve already eaten wrong! My question about chicken wings is do you use any sauce? Franks hot wing sauce states 0 carbs! Would that be ok to use?

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–there was a point at which Kel used a vinegar-based, zero-carb sauce. Most recently, though, she’s just been eating them “naked” — no sauce, no breading (of course).

  23. Wendy

    Thank you! I meant to say I now believe I am carb sensitive! Franks wing sauce is vinegar based! Will start with that until I can get to naked wings!

  24. Karen S.

    I discovered your blog today and just finished reading all your posts. I really enjoyed your story and will be starting zero carb. I’m hoping it will help me conquer food cravings and deal with diabetes. By the way, your children are beautiful! It would be interesting to hear more of their low carb journeys.

  25. Christian

    This blog has inspired me to adopt a zero carb lifestyle, and I’ve been following it for a while now. But one question:

    Where’s the zero carb cake recipe? XD

  26. Gigi

    So glad I found this blog and WOE! I’ve been zero carb since November 2016. I’ve lost 20 pounds and inches everywhere. No more indigestion and this has been the easiest spring allergy season I’ve had in too many years to count. I’m still healing, but this is the only way of eating that takes the fat off. Thanks, Kelly

  27. Melissa Alsup

    Just read your blog today after seeing you in Women’s World magazine. (FYI: that cover picture doesn’t do you justice!) I love your story and insight into your lifestyle I started looking into the Ketogenic diet about 6 months ago but haven’t been able to last longer than 8 to 10 hours without needing sweets or carbs. I have 3 children as well but have lots of stress from my husband (a drinker), exercise just doesn’t fit into my day with all the chores to be done and the cooking. To make things worse my sometimes back pain has become more regular and I finally got an x-ray (didn’t really like what I heard). But you’ve given me inspiration to use for my life ahead and I hope I can come back and tell you about how I (5′ 3″ & 185 lbs) lost the weight and have become as calm as you. P.S. I’m also looking forward to the change in my beautiful, angry, crazy children. :)) Thank you!!

  28. Larry

    Your blog changed my life! Two months zero carb and I’m feeling amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  29. Karen

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m so happy to hear your success story. I started my zero carb today! so far I’m doing great. I have the a sweet tooth that is incredible. I would always want sweets instead of good healthy foods. I would say I am a sugar addict.
    Reading your story has been wonderful. Thank you so very much. I’ll let you know how I’m doing as I go on this new journey to health and joy.

  30. Carol Harris

    I am type 1diabetic. Since I take insulin to lower blood sugar, what do I use to determin how much insulin to take. I’m excited to try the zero carb life diet but concerned with high .blood sugar.

  31. Primal_Hut

    Congratulations!! I just stumbled across this when searching for “how to adjust back to hflc after an EggFast”. Yes, I have been eating nothing but eggs and fat for 4 days to try and break a stall. I’m addicted to losing weight and want to try this so bad! The fear of no veggies is REAL though! That’s all I want after 4 days of eggs and butter! Also, what about spices? Salt, pepper, turmeric, dried herbs, etc? Also, do you only eat grass fed, wild caught, free range, organic, stress free animals? Being Paleo the past few years has made me question all the meat in the store…Maybe sounds silly, but I’m wondering if that’s how one would get all the proper nutrition from just meat. You’re such an inspiration; I swear I was reading my life story in your first post. Thank you to you and your husband for all you’ve done to inspire others!

  32. Celeste Caliman

    today is my first day reading your blog and you have definitely inspired me! I too was a sugar addict but started the Ketogenic diet about one month ago. reading your blog made me realize that I am substituting artificial sugar for sugar and I believe that is slowing down my progress. I think I am going to try the Zero Carb Life. I love meat!!! I especially liked your post about faith. Thank you for your inspiring words

  33. Brenna Bryant

    I just saw her story on Diet Doctor and started reading the blog. It’s so interesting! I’m going to try eliminating carbs to see if it helps with my cravings for sugar and alcohol.

  34. Tess

    Dear Kelly, You really are an inspiration. The only trouble is that I cannot get over the withdrawal phase. I did survive for 5 days, eating only meat and drinking water. I loved it, but now I am struggling again. I have a tendency to blame everyone else, eg. my hubby and friends, for putting other foods in front of me. I know I just don’t have the will power. It’s nobody else’s fault. I will keep on trying and hope to succeed. I am normally quite a stubborn person, but very weak when it comes to carbs and sugar. I will read all of your posts again and again to help me get through it. Good on you. I hope I can send another message one day and tell you of my success. Tess.

  35. Marianne Bertke

    Dear Kelly
    I came across your story 4 weeks ago and immediately related to it. I am 61yrs old and have struggled with sugar and carb addiction my whole life. You have given me hope!!! I have searched for so long for a way to rid myself of this addiction and have finally found the answer: meat and water!!! Have been eating meat, eggs, bacon and chicken for 4 weeks now and the cravings have gone, it’s just too good to be true. No longer am I living a life where food controls me.I am free and it is a fantastic feeling. Thank you so much for your honesty and wonderful posts that have changed my life. God bless you and your family.
    Fond regards

  36. Lynn Weiler

    Freed from carb addiction, eating no carbs. Thank you for putting this out there for us all to see. So brave of you.

  37. Heather

    Congratulations! Your story is SO very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it!

  38. Kathryn

    Your posts have been so encouraging and helpful, every one of them! Thank you for this blog. I have been doing low carb with an occasional short cheat period and have lost about 10 pounds. Probably getting rid of 5 more pounds will put me in a size 4 which will be great. The weight loss has not been my ultimate goal though, improved health is the main thing for me and while low carb has helped somewhat, it has not had the huge benefit I desire. Zero carb is fairly new to me and hopefully this will be the big boost to health that I’ve been waiting for. Thanks again for including so many details that will likely be the difference between just another thing to try and real success.

  39. Linda Lumley

    Just found your post today. Such an inspiring story. I have been following the Ketogenic diet since July 2017 after my Nutrionist suggested it. I was struggling with trying to figure out what I could eat after loosing my colon and part of my small intestine to Severe Crohn’s Disease. Fiber is a huge obstacle for me. It often sends me to the emergency room with blockages. Then I end up eating all the bad starch loaded carbs because they caused less trouble but packed on lots of weight. I was ashamed of how I looked and felt horrible all the time. The Keto diet helped tremendously with the chronic inflammation and I lost 47 pounds. Still need to loose more but not pushing myself for health reasons. January of 2018 I wanted to try and decrease the amount of Humira injections I take for the Crohn’s. Side effects are so scary for that drug. Did great for 6 months of slowly backing off then I came out of remission and it was with a vengeance. Every part of me was rebelling. Working my way back to remission and still doing Keto but weight has stalled and am having issues with fiber causing so much pain. I’m ready to go Zero Carbs. I’ve always been afraid that not eating veggies would further damage my health. This article has totally changed my mind as well as watching Dr Berry’s video on it. I’ve always preferred meat so am willing to give it a try. I am a Christian and have always asked what God is trying to teach me through this disease. I do feel he is teaching me through it and know that he lead me to this article. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring me to try this plan.

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