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It’s crazy, but I somehow got name-dropped on Joe Rogan’s podcast….

A friend messaged me today to tell me that her husband was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast–his guest was Dr. Shawn Baker, and they were talking about low and zero-carb diets. All of a sudden, Dr. Baker totally mentioned my name! Check it out on the video below–it should start at the 54:00 minute mark, but if it doesn’t, just skip ahead.

Heads up–there’s some adult/strong language. 


JRE #1050 – Dr. Shawn Baker from JoeRogan on Vimeo.


How cool is that?!!

Awhile back, Dr. Baker came across my blog and learned a lot about our community of Zero Carb folks, and it’s so cool to see that he’s still talking about us. And Joe, I totally agree that getting rid of refined carbohydrates is a fantastic decision!



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  1. Beth

    I’m curious to see how you’re doing now? Do you still only eat meat? Have you had any health issues? What do you eat on a daily basis normally?

  2. beth

    Another question, while I wait for my other comment to be moderated: Do you eat organ meat at all?

    Thank you! 🙂

      • Marianne Bertke

        Hi Kelly
        I have been zero carb for 11 weeks now and have totally lost my carb cravings and 11.75 kg in weight.
        I owe it all to reading your experiences and applying your knowledge to my situation . Thank you so much for sharing so honestly,
        it has changed my life. I am 61 years old and wish I had discovered this way of eating and living many years ago.
        Marianne Bertke

  3. thandiwe

    thanks for sharing this Kelly…am not the least surprised re medical industry…been knowing about this for years. really appreciate your blog…very helpful…im a newbie carnivore since oct this year. keep on sharing, you’re highly appreciated!

  4. Missy

    Kelly, you glow and look absolutely beautiful!! And Wow, what great will power with so many junk foods available all around us. You have provided great information I would like to try.

  5. John

    I just read all of these blogs back to back. Well done. Congratulations. Have you ever considered a speaking circuit or attending a conference?

    I am on vacation eating meat and drinking water/coffee. There are a dozen cans of monster zero in my fridge at home. They may need to be sacrificed for the greater good of killing my sweet tooth. Even the coffee may need to go. I believe I have been convinced. Eat meat. Drink water.

  6. Wendy

    What he said about the only thing that worked for people with constipation was taking all fibre out of their diet turned out to be true in my case. When I went to super-high-protein, medium fat and ultra-low carbs (no more than 5g carbs per meal, certainly no more than 20g per day spread evenly through the day to avoid the insulinising effect of eating carbs), my lifelong gastrointestinal issues miraculously disappeared. My husband is a medical doctor and he has been fascinated and impressed with the effects of a mainly-meat,eggs,fish diet on me, including my blood test numbers. After seeing how great it was for me, he started urging his patients to look into this way of eating! I never DREAMED that my constipation and extreme abdominal pains would COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR on such a diet. My husband had thought I’d have MORE constipation rather than less (and he was worried, because I was almost never not constipated before switching to this way of eating).

    • Kelly Roberts

      Hi Wendy! I’ve been gearing up to start ZC myself, and I’ve suffered with terrible constipation for most of my adult life! I’ve been doing LCHF for a few months and it hasn’t helped, but I have a feeling ZC will fix whatever has been ailing me! Along with helping me achieve a healthy weight and good blood sugar and blood pressure numbers. I’m ready to take the plunge!

  7. Cheryl

    You are truly my inspiration! On average How much weight should I expect to lose in 30 days? Im 5’8 200lbs I’m not on social media at all do you know of any other zero carb forums? I’m totally obsessed with this and hoping it’s my awswer to losing this stubborn weight.

  8. Jena

    Hi Kelly!

    I am on my third day of ZC since finding your page a few weeks ago and doing some research. I am 22, 5’2″, and 160 lbs. I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight; I did sports in high school, and have a few month streak where I do well and lose weight, but then always seem to spiral out of control and gain the 20-30lbs I just managed to shed. Your story really resonated with me, and I believe this may be exactly what I need to break this vicious cycle. But I am a little worried. My stomach actually looks bigger than it did before I started and I am afraid to weigh because I don’t want it to discourage me. I was not eating low carb before this, I have actually been eating terribly since November. Should I be gaining weight from eating ZC? I am not overeating and am just worried. Also, I love cheese and have included a small amount of it in the form of cheese on my burgers for the last few days(only for one meal a day), should I try to cut out all cheese? Please let me know! Thank you, Jena

  9. Naomi Klahn

    Hi Kelly,
    May I ask what you drink, please? i.e. coffee, tea (black or green) etc

  10. Linn

    Thank’s for this blog, I have read every single blogpost today, and it’s truly and amazing story. Thank you for mentioning the FB group, I have asked to join it today 🙂

  11. Nick Bruels

    Ma’am…it was this blog of yours that finally convinced me to try carnivory for myself. I’d found it from Baker. Seeing him, a monster-man who may be on steroids, going on about eating only meat. But then you, a woman with two pregnancies…that sealed the deal.

    And I’ve become a new person and man as a result. So…thanks!


    Hi! Wow, just found this today after looking at a egg fast 3 day thing to do. I was going yo do the keto diet, and minimize or delete the vegetables. I think they mess with my stomach, too.
    Did you just start the meats, eggs, cheeses, (and i didn’t know that included full fat dressings and/ or dairy) one day and look back??
    Does this include EVO?
    Is there a list of EVERYTHING that you can eat with this method?
    Thank you! This might just have changed my life!

  13. Kat

    21 days in, 15 pounds down, no more belly aching, I sleep great at night, have good energy, psoriasis has cleared up and my binging every night…no matter how great I ate during the day is gone! I don’t crave sugar or carbs anymore at all, after I eat dinner I do not eat again.. I don’t want too!
    I first read your post a year ago or so, then found Dr. Baker and a few others who are doing it and decided what the hell… give it a try! Here I am 3 weeks later and I feel AMAZING!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. John

    Just found your blog. Thank you.
    What I’d like to see is how you get your fiber and roughly how many grams/day?

  15. L.D

    I’ve gone low carb, with not much limit on veggies (even carrots) and fruit (cut out bananas mostly). I can confirm that aside from a few “slow” days my bowel health has improved as well. I used to have frequent diarrhea, I was scoped from both ends, tested for all known pathogens. I think it may have been wheat, but also could have been too much fiber. In any case I have not had a “red toilet bowl” since I started low carb, and overall my gut health is far and away improved. Recently, I did have a whole wheat hot dog bun and a few graham crackers all in one day and I paid for it the next several hours – nothing serious, just tons of gas and bloating and feeling like crap all night.

    I’ve also lost 52 lbs and can play the “pick a weight” game. I just weigh myself each morning and make a plan for the day based on the scale reading. I can reliably gain or lose weight at will, I could NEVER do this on a “low fat plant based” diet. Every morning the scale reading was a surprise, I felt like I had no control over my weight. NOW, I get no binges, no insatiable hunger. Yes, I still get cravings, but I do eat a LOT of carbs (carrots, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, peas, green beans, spinach, chard, lettuce…). My diet is at least 50% veggies and fruit, but even so I’m in active ketosis about 75% of each day. Some days I just drop carbs almost entirely, some days I burn 6000 calories and can’t eat enough of anything to get out of ketosis even eating a bunch of fruit.

    Don’t let anyone tell you can’t be active on a low carb diet. I did a 32,000 calorie week not too long ago and was a bit fatigued but I recovered very quickly. I even went on a run with the dog after getting home.

    Being fat adapted is wonderful.

  16. Diana

    Hi kelly – would love a blog on how you are able to maintain zero carb and if you’ve had struggles along the way. I’ve listened to you on Dr. shawn Bakers podcast, but wished he has asked you more specific questions. You mentioned you sent do IF, but you said there are moments where you don’t eat, isn’t this considered IF? It would be so nice if you answered specific questions from viewers.

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