Charles Washington is BACK to talk about the mental struggles of ZC

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Dieting is hard. Let’s talk through some of the issues of boredom, external criticism, learning to think long-term, and getting past perfection.

When you’re having incredible fun interviewing someone, you have to ask him back!

I sat down again with my dear friend and 12-year Carnivore, Charles Washington, to talk about the mental struggles of a Carnivore diet. We talked about four main mental struggles: Boredom, Outside Criticism, Long-Term Thinking, and ZC Perfection. It’s a 13-minute episode that is sure to make you think and will hopefully make you laugh a little, too.  Let us know if you’ve had similar struggles and comment with any others that we missed. 

(By the way, if you haven’t seen our first conversation, where we talk about getting past weight gain on ZC, check it out here!)

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