Kelly Hogan talks to Appetite for Discussion’s Brandon Crouch

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Local podcaster Brandon Crouch enjoys talking to folks who have different ideas–which meant I had to talk to him about eating carnivore!

Brandon’s podcast, Appetite for Discussion, isn’t a diet show, but we had a long conversation about my 10 years eating zero carb. Give it a watch!

(Warning: Host uses some strong language…but not the guest, of course. 😉)

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5 Responses

  1. Iliana

    Kelly I first became “acquainted” with you on Zeroing in on Health 31/2 years ago. Charles taught me my base for carnivore and you were my inspiration. ZC saved my life and has given me strength and vitality and health and so many other things that I can’t count. I lost 40 pounds.

    Thank you for continuing to be a voice an an inspiration.

    I turned 69 years old in October. I fell of the wagon with some keto treats end of the year, and listening to your podcasts has inspired me again. I was back to my beloved meat but it was once again an inspiration due to the timing. It was just when I needed it most.

  2. Jerri

    Thank you so much for your authenticity! You’re a big part of why I tried and am sticking with a ZC WOE. Also…. I have size 11 feet too…. That’s harder for me than just eating meat! 🙂

  3. Marti Marshall

    Brandon. This is easy!!! ZC is Freedom. Love this video. Thank you Kelly!!!

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