Let’s talk about weight gain on a Zero-Carb diet…

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Meet one of my most important mentors, 12-year carnivore and Zero Carb Guru Charles Washington

I first met Charles Washington online at the old Zero Carb forum called “Zeroing In On Health.” Charles founded that site, which mostly consisted of Zero Carb articles he’d written, as well as THOUSANDS of pages of journals written by ZC Carnivores from around the world.  I found ZIOH in October of 2009 and became a 100 percent carnivore.

Charles was incredibly helpful to me when it came to cutting out sugar-free products, starting my life as a pure carnivore, and dealing with some initial weight-gain.  We’ve remained dear friends ever since and now moderate the Facebook page by the same name “Zeroing In On Health”.  He celebrated his twelfth year as a Zero Carb Carnivore back in August of 2019.  

In this episode we primarily discuss the topic of weight-gain on a Carnivore diet.  If you find it helpful, please take time to comment and share your experiences with starting a Carnivore diet.  Did you gain at first?  When did the weight start to come back off?  What helped you make it through those first few difficult months?  

And now, I present, Charles Washington…

I could resist sharing a couple of pictures with Charles…

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3 Responses

  1. Brook

    I have been on ZIOH and have followed Kelly and Charles for three years. Loved this interview, and the other videos Kelly has made. Hope you make a lot more!

  2. Suzanne Van Gombos

    Why do I get this strong Ammonia smell when exercising (i.e. sweating alot??

    • Desperate and obese

      I am struggling to lose weight. Would you please recommend the correct eating program for women with a total hysterectomy and thyroid problems?

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