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One of my primary goals on social media, and especially on this blog, is to try to normalize a Zero Carb Carnivore diet for the general public.

Even if most people don’t find themselves actually eating this way, I hope to make more people aware that it is a valid diet that has helped many people live healthier lives.  I try to do this by sharing my own story and by bringing light to the many other success stories out there…and by simply saying the phrase “Zero Carb Carnivore” or “all-meat diet” in mainstream media as much as possible.  I try to be brave and just wave that freak flag high. 

The more often people hear a topic discussed casually, the less likely they are to be prejudiced and close-minded to it.  And what better way to make a topic accessible than to talk about it with children, right?  

So yes, I decided to talk about a Zero Carb diet with my children while on camera.  They were nervous and squirmy and they sometimes misspoke.  But what I hope people see is three happy kids with their happy mom….who also happens to be a Zero Carb Carnivore.  They’ve never once seen their mother eat a plant.  And, as it turns out, that’s perfectly okay.  

So for my second video blog, I present Julia, Thomas, and Annie:  

This is my second video for my new channel on YouTube–be sure to go there and subscribe and leave a comment!

UPDATED! The kids mention how much they love the “Oopsie Cake” I make for them on their birthdays–you can now find that recipe here.

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  1. Andrea

    Oh, my word! Your kids are so adorable! I let my daughter watch with me, and she was shocked at how excited your kids are about eating healthy foods. That opened a door for big changes. Thank you so much!

    • jamesdhogan

      There should now be an RSS icon in the “Follow Along” section of the website’s sidebar–let us know if it isn’t working. //james

  2. Christina

    Thank you for the update and including your kids! Apparently eating meat gives them such beautiful skin and hair just like their mom. Thank you for encouraging us all on what keeps us healthy.

  3. Nikki

    Your kids are absolutely wonderful!!
    Good on you for raising them so well 🙂

  4. Maybelle LeMay

    Loved your videos! Can I have the recipe for Oppsie cake. Thanks so much!

  5. Holly May

    What are “meat bars”? You mentioned purchasing them at Target but I was hoping for a bit more information.

  6. Jason

    Can you talk about the health of your children? What kind of illnesses have they had if any? Have they had any cavities? Does it look like they may need braces (or too early to tell?)? Did you vaccinate them on the recommended schedule?

    • jamesdhogan

      I don’t feel comfortable sharing too many specifics, because they’re our children and their health is their own private business, but our kiddos have fortunately had very healthy lives. //james

  7. Nadja Schlabitz Catano

    Love this! Love you and your family! Thank you for all you do. I’m 21-days into ZC and so grateful, feeling better and looking forward to more good things to come. Thank you, again!


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