What are antioxidants, anyway? And do Carnivores need them?? What about vegetables?!

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Yeah. What about those vegetables, anyway?

I was lucky enough to share a meal with Vanessa Spina (aka Ketogenic Girl) this past summer while we were both visiting Colorado.  As we talked, I realized more and more just how BRILLIANT she really is!  

So I asked her to come on my channel to tell her story, but I also asked her to geek-out and show off her education in biochemistry.  In this episode, Vanessa will explain antioxidants and she’ll share how Carnivores get them in our diets.  She also explained how Carnivores are able to thrive without eating any plants at all.  

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  1. Danielle Jackson

    Dropped the big salads with chicken breast, other veggies and sugar free stuff. I feel great! NO MORE TUMMY TROUBLE. 🤩🤩🤩AMEN!! Mood Amazing

  2. Evangeline

    You are just fantastic…and the two of you together? Such good informative stuff…I’m going to just send this to the nay sayers in my life who question my carnivore way of eating. Great job ladies and thank you!!!

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