Ashley’s 1-month Carnivore Update

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After our first interview, Ashley decided to challenge herself to one month of eating carnivore. Now she’s back to talk about how it went!

Last month, I sat down to record an episode with Ashley Stevenson, who has followed a Ketogenic diet for the past seven years and even serves as a Keto Coach.  In our talk, we compared Keto and Carnivore in a friendly way, without trying to prove which one was best.  

Near the end of the episode, Ashley said she had started transitioning to a Carnivore diet and planned to do the next month pure Carnivore.  She even agreed to return to the show to talk about her first month of pure ZC/Carnivore.  

Well, that was a month ago, and the results are in!  

Check out Ashley’s one month Carnivore update to see how it went and to find out if she plans to continue.  Comment to let me know what else I should have asked her and what you’d like to see in future episodes of “My Zero Carb Life”.  

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8 Responses

  1. Aimee

    Would love if you could do transcripts, I rarely have time to listen to podcasts but would love to know what you’re talking about.

  2. Liv

    Great video, love you both! But – don’t remove the skin from pork belly, that is the best part! Try to Google porchetta, so great.

  3. Trudy Miller

    How long should I wait to have my bloodwork done? I’ve been carnivore for about 5 weeks, and keto for 24 weeks before that.

  4. Jeff

    Don’t fart in a public place…lol! And the nipple bit is just too much. Great video!

  5. Diane Frost

    So I debated on sending this message….You don’t have to respond, I just need to let it out. I am trying carnivore and this has been a contention in My relationship with my husband. Is that crazy? I understand he has fears, he is afraid that this diet will kill me. What I do now is when he is not around I eat carnivore, I put veggies and rice on my plate to appease him. I eat slow so he does not see me throw away the food I leave on my plate.I look and feel great but I am afraid that I am causing damage to my body with not being consistent with the diet.

    I am just trying to look good, feel great, and not be obsessed with food and live my life the best I can at 50,60,70,80,90 years old.


    • jamesdhogan

      Diane, I totally get it. This diet sounds nuts, right? I remember thinking it would be the worst thing ever for Kelly, and I’m truly happy to have been proven wrong. If it’s anything like what I went through, fear–and not knowing–drove my reactions most. Hang in! //james

  6. Lisa G

    So now I have to find this place to eat in the mountains so I can try all the wild meat. I am in Charlotte. Hope I never get a nipple on my pork belly.

  7. Teresa Gerlach

    I don’t do it now, but when I was a child, we had a grocery store and we ground up hamburger. I used to eat that raw. I liked it, but was told we should not do that, that the surface germs could get ground up in it… I’d like to research that more. I do eat my steak rare, love them. And have to reassure the waitress that I really meant rare.. and no A1 please.. LOL

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