Brett’s Story: Carnivory and Happiness

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Brett Lloyd suffered from depression, anxiety, and mental illness for 40 years. Then, his life changed.

Brett had been prescribed every anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medication that his psychiatrists knew to give and was still miserable with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and even hallucinations. 

Nineteen months ago, Brett began eating an all-meat diet, and his entire life changed.  His story blows my mind!  

You’ll hear about it all in this episode of my show–and Brett and I also delve into research by Dr. Georgia Ede to find out why his mental health changed so dramatically when he became 100% Carnivore. This information was fascinating to me and would be great to share with anyone who is struggling with mental or emotional disorders.  

It’s 21 minutes that just may change someone’s life. Check it out right now!

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle Saffell

    There just aren’t sufficient words to express the gratitude I have for finding your channel and the bravery you have for being transparent and bold to be vulnerable in sharing your truth. AND I suspected all along you are a believer just by your countenance.
    My quick story is, like you, a lifetime of weight issues and lots more health issues. My weight topped out somewhere above 265. So, 3 1/2 yrs ago I found Brian Williamsons ketovangelist page and all his FABULOUS Keto people that SAVED my LIFE!! This past year I took Mary Roberts & Jessica’s class to help with my eating disorder that even on keto I still struggled with. I have now lost 89 lbs(still more tongo) and off all meds (except thyroid). My tendancy has always been to eat mostly meat with very few veg and have been following carnivore pages for almost a yr because it so intrigued me. And then I found an interview with YOU!! Iknew immediately you were real, and different from the rest!! But, honestly that fear of plunging in was holding me back. #1. Fear of gaining. #2. Fear of letting go of the handful of non carnivore things I still consumed(stevia, etc) #3..fear of my friends and family having negative response to…”here she goes again”…double dose of crazy!
    But, a few days ago after binge watching every video I could find of yours I realized….I am compelled by this information…and Now with tears in my eyes… THANK YOU!! I began my true 100% carnivore journey yesterday… beginning a new chapter and SO looking forward to what God can do!!! 😘Much love. Someday Im gonna hug your neck, cause we both live in NC. 🤩💜💛💚💙

  2. Janette Mayfield

    Hello Kelly,

    I am very new to carnivor lifestyle, in fact just started today. I am 72 years old and suffer with joint pain and high blood pressure, plus have gastrointestinal problems. My main objective is to improve my health. That being said I am also about 45 lbs overweight.

    I am so excited about this adventure, and have binge watched YouTube videos for several days.

    I live in a senior community and am not allowed to have an outdoor grille. I just recently purchased an electric George Foreman grill. My questions are what should I use to season my steaks other than salt, and should I grill it first then broil it in the oven?

    Thank you so much for all you are doing. You are a huge inspiration to me.


    Janette Mayfield

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–I haven’t used a George Foreman grill for a steak, but you can definitely use your broiler to achieve a decent result. You’ll want to experiment (not sure how you prefer your steaks to be cooked), because the broiler can sear the outside while leaving the inside rare. The best advice I can recommend is to experiment, and learn as you go!

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