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Before you watch this video..

I was invited to speak to an online group at, which is a Carnivore site started by Dr. Shawn Baker. I gladly accepted the invitation and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.  However…

I watched part of the episode and was mortified to realized that I completely misspoke at the beginning of the talk.  I said that I gained a lot of weight in college, which led me to weigh “142 pounds when I got married”.  THAT SHOULD SAY “242 POUNDS WHEN I GOT MARRIED”.  I would have been far less concerned about my weight if I had started at only 142 pounds (which isn’t much more than I weigh currently).  

Anyway, please forgive my mistake, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the talk.  The moderator, Tracy, did a wonderful job leading the conversation.  The participants asked thoughtful questions and made it a fun chat.  

Please take a minute to comment on their video and let Dr. Baker know if you enjoyed the episode.  Thank you!  

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  1. Tracy Knoll

    It was so fun having you, Kelly! You’re such a precious soul! We learned so much from hearing your experiences! Thank you again for coming and allowing me to interview you at our Meeting! Blessings! ~Tracy

  2. Jackie Jones

    I want you to know Kelly that I am so glad you are making YouTube videos for us to watch. Being new at ZeroCarb, it really helps to have frequent reinforcement that what I’m doing is the right way! I know the rules and plan, but mentally, having others with experience to guide the way is so motivational. You ask your guests the questions that I am thinking! That’s awesome!!! Thank you Kelly 🙂 – jj

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