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Before you watch this video..

I was invited to speak to an online group at, which is a Carnivore site started by Dr. Shawn Baker. I gladly accepted the invitation and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.  However…

I watched part of the episode and was mortified to realized that I completely misspoke at the beginning of the talk.  I said that I gained a lot of weight in college, which led me to weigh “142 pounds when I got married”.  THAT SHOULD SAY “242 POUNDS WHEN I GOT MARRIED”.  I would have been far less concerned about my weight if I had started at only 142 pounds (which isn’t much more than I weigh currently).  

Anyway, please forgive my mistake, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the talk.  The moderator, Tracy, did a wonderful job leading the conversation.  The participants asked thoughtful questions and made it a fun chat.  

Please take a minute to comment on their video and let Dr. Baker know if you enjoyed the episode.  Thank you!  

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  1. Tracy Knoll

    It was so fun having you, Kelly! You’re such a precious soul! We learned so much from hearing your experiences! Thank you again for coming and allowing me to interview you at our Meeting! Blessings! ~Tracy

  2. Jackie Jones

    I want you to know Kelly that I am so glad you are making YouTube videos for us to watch. Being new at ZeroCarb, it really helps to have frequent reinforcement that what I’m doing is the right way! I know the rules and plan, but mentally, having others with experience to guide the way is so motivational. You ask your guests the questions that I am thinking! That’s awesome!!! Thank you Kelly 🙂 – jj

  3. Dave

    So much passion!! She should be the spokeswoman for carnivore. Her results speak more volumes than any kind or research. But even the real research is in favor of carnivore. Not sure if too many people should get on it though or else beef prices might skyrocket.

  4. Deborah Matney

    Enjoy what you say I’m still struggling With zero carbs You give me the strength to do it when I fall down I get back up thank you so much

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