Dairy, Lipedema, and Oxalates

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Katrina Harris, lost more than 200 pounds and battled back against lipedema.

I sat down this week to talk with Katrina Harris, who has lost 200 pounds on a Keto/Carnivore diet. Katrina lives with Lipedema,  which is a disorder that causes an enlargement of the legs and makes weight-loss nearly impossible.  We discussed why a Carnivore diet works so well for Lipedema sufferers and also talked about the dangers of dairy and the topic of Oxalate Dumping.

WebMD says that 11% of women are thought to have Lipedema.   Are you a part of that 11%?  Has a Carnivore diet helped you to slow or reverse the symptoms?  Let me know in the comments section here or at YouTube.  And, as always, let me know your ideas for future episodes!

Episode 11: Dairy, Lipedema, and Oxalates
with special guest, Katrina Harris

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Kelly, I think you are so amazing and your YouTube channel is so inspiring. I am really interested in hearing a carnivore that talks about female hormones, the battle with sugar cravings at ovulation and period time have ruled my life and now at age 52 stubborn weight around my mid section is driving me crazy. How do we even out those hormones?

  2. Lisa Beebe

    I’ve really enjoyed your different talks with various ones, so much info and something to take away from each. I will have to say that I prefer your simple way of doing things versus any extra thing added on. I don’t want to fast, I just want to keep it simple. I did appreciate the abstainer or moderator example b/c I definitely would have to be the abstainer. If I dabble I will eventually fall! I’m debating whether I need to give up my coffee. I finally got to where I could drink it with just HC but now wonder if I’m going overboard with that! I may be drinking too much coffee w/o leaving enough room for water.
    Thanks for encouraging us onto feeling and looking better!

  3. Charles Christopher

    I gave up sugar 43 years ago, at age 13. I did so because I realized how it made me feel. I have found that this results in everything sweet being too sweet so it easy not to cheat, although this took some time to occur.

    I only recently found out about “Carnivore”, but have been leto for some time and realize I’m probably more Carnivore.

    That said, there seems to be an exception that I am hearing. That it dairy. Long ago I was very sick and, long story short, I found the issue was solved via Kefir.

    Through the year I have learned a great deal about Kefir and dairy in general.

    Kefir is produced by harvesting the bacteria and mold (beneficial!) colonies “grains” in raw milk and then using them to ferment the raw milk into a thick creamy (this cream is good) liquid. The grains grow about 10% to 30% per day and distribute in the liquid. So in effect the Kefir is increasing the living art of the raw milk. Some call it yogurt, but its not, and that is a story for another time.

    First lets consider 80% of the immune system is in the lining of the digestive track, this biofilm is intended to be in the “leaks” of leaky gut. So leaky gut is a defect in this biofilm / immune system. Mammals establish this biofilm, immune system, via *RAW* milk and various beneficial bugs that are excreted into the raw milk. The lactose in milk is intended to feed those bugs until they establish themselves in the biofilm lining of the gut. When milk is pasteurized, this kills the bug that would consume this sugar and thus the host is force to deal with the lasts which is can’t.

    This takes is to the issue of digestion. When I’ve asked nurses and doctors this question the result is always fascinating:

    If all the bugs in the GI tracked were killed, could a person still digest their food?

    The correct answer is no, and it is fascinating to see how many medical professionals answer yes to that question.

    Those same bugs that form the immune system also are what digest our food. As an aside, research when the primary source of serotonin in the body comes from … It comes from the bugs in the gut *IF* you have the correct bugs in the gut. Now consider how many are on SSRI’s for depression and we gain an even bigger picture of how important the correct gut bugs are.

    Turns out, kefir contains most vitamins, including vitamin C (!), various growth hormone, anti cancer compounds (think colon cancer), etc.

    My theory is this. The reason we have huge quantities of milk is in part because mammals produce more than their young need … Which means adults are supposed to get some to. This takes out the random variable of ones gut bug profile, and instead tends to force the profile of the raw milk onto ones gut population.

    Many of the people I have turned on to Kefir have reported so many of the things that people report on Keto / Carnivore; more energy, eat less, reduction elimination of allergies, improved skin, etc. On the last one, there is a known relationship between ones skin and ones gut health, independent of if they are Keto / Carnivore / whatever. But sugar carb diet does tend to cause bad skin *AND* carb sugar diets are just not possible with significant Kefir in the diet …. Because the bug in the Kefir go ravenous on the carbs and you will blow up like a ballon and have CO2 blowing out of both ends of you in no time! LOL

    In other words those bugs that fill in your leaky gut, form 80% of your immune system, produce the happy chemical serotonin, and digest your food will also PUNISH you if you eat carbs. thin about that. Proper gut health seems to be anti carbs.

    The Kefir is stores is no real Kefir. You have to make it yourself. Kefir is alive, chilling it reduces the activity of the bugs but does not stop it. Thus, you can sell real kefir because the CO2 the bugs release will cause the containers to explode … This Kefir in stores is pasteurized …

    I’d be interested to see how many Carnivores have issues with home made Kefir.

    But the way, eating meat with Kefir causes meat to taste sweet as the digestion in the mouth starts immediately. This results in the release of sweet tasting amino acids thus making the meat taste sweet. Kefir’s (GI biofilm) digestion of food results in the release of ALL amino acids. The leaky gut “holes” are to bring those bugs into close contact with the blood supply to transfer those nutrients to our blood.

    In other words, our food feeds the bugs not us.

    The bugs “excrement” feeds us.

    Consuming Kefir imposes a specific profile on those bugs in our gut, the profile that naturally occurs in mothers milk. There is nothing random about this profile.

    To further extend the understanding is colostrum or “first milk”. This initial milk (first 24 hours) serves as the initial immune system for the unique bad bugs moms body is aware of in the environment, thus immediately giving it the the young to protect the young from those bugs. Then the milk changes to the bugs/immune system needed for the bugs that are ever present (“raw milk”). I forget the timing, but the colostrum starts to form some time before birth so mom can prepare the right “medicine” to serve her young at the moment of birth.

    With all this, I remain convinced that milk must be part of our diet. But it must be raw, and from animals properly taken care of and feed naturally. There is a subtlety here however. If I drink a glass of raw milk I don’t have issues, if I drink a lot I do. But I never have issues with kefir and some days I will drink half a gallon of Kefir. I don’t completely understand this but I think the following experiment might point to an answer:

    Put some pasteurized milk in a bow in the morning and leave it on your counter, doe the same with some raw milk. At the end of the day put both bowls on the floor for your dog(s). They will ignore the pasteurized milk but DEVOUR the raw milk.

    The raw milk naturally ferments at room temperatures and animals LOVE IT!


  4. Sarah

    Dairy also cross reacts to wheat for people who have celiac or non celiac gluten sensitivity. Basically your body think the milk protein, the casein, is actually wheat – the alpha gliaden. Often people give up wheat but they don’t recover from celiac and it’s because they are still eating dairy (and eggs).. you don’t notice how bad it makes you feel until you cut it out for months and then reintroduce it. It can show up on an IgG test if you go get one. And I heard recently it can actually damage your gut just like wheat too.

    I gave up all grains in July 2019 but I had kept drinking milk. Well technically I was drinking grass fed yogurt from an H2 cow. The thing was I was clueless as to how to get calcium without the dairy! But while drinking it I literally had zero appetite. I mean zilch. Just tons of burping and gas. I could walk a half marathon and still not be hungry at all. I finally cut out dairy in November 2020. And back in February I did try a little as an experiment – a few mouthfuls – and I definitely react to it. But I still have no appetite.

    Most vegetables contain various toxins. You should watch Dr Paul Salidino. He talks about it on his YouTube channel. I think he did say there are a few that are much safer than others to eat, like squash.

    And I really don’t have any cravings either. When you have lots of food problems and react to everything the cravings pretty much go away. On occasion I might think about a certain food very briefly as in remembering it but it’s not a craving.

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