Dairy, Lipedema, and Oxalates

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Katrina Harris, lost more than 200 pounds and battled back against lipedema.

I sat down this week to talk with Katrina Harris, who has lost 200 pounds on a Keto/Carnivore diet. Katrina lives with Lipedema,  which is a disorder that causes an enlargement of the legs and makes weight-loss nearly impossible.  We discussed why a Carnivore diet works so well for Lipedema sufferers and also talked about the dangers of dairy and the topic of Oxalate Dumping.

WebMD says that 11% of women are thought to have Lipedema.   Are you a part of that 11%?  Has a Carnivore diet helped you to slow or reverse the symptoms?  Let me know in the comments section here or at YouTube.  And, as always, let me know your ideas for future episodes!

Episode 11: Dairy, Lipedema, and Oxalates
with special guest, Katrina Harris

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3 Responses

  1. Lisa

    Hi Kelly, I think you are so amazing and your YouTube channel is so inspiring. I am really interested in hearing a carnivore that talks about female hormones, the battle with sugar cravings at ovulation and period time have ruled my life and now at age 52 stubborn weight around my mid section is driving me crazy. How do we even out those hormones?

  2. Lisa Beebe

    I’ve really enjoyed your different talks with various ones, so much info and something to take away from each. I will have to say that I prefer your simple way of doing things versus any extra thing added on. I don’t want to fast, I just want to keep it simple. I did appreciate the abstainer or moderator example b/c I definitely would have to be the abstainer. If I dabble I will eventually fall! I’m debating whether I need to give up my coffee. I finally got to where I could drink it with just HC but now wonder if I’m going overboard with that! I may be drinking too much coffee w/o leaving enough room for water.
    Thanks for encouraging us onto feeling and looking better!

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