Kelly and Dana Spencer Get Salty

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Dana Spencer has been a 100% Carnivore for 12 years. And she uses ZERO salt.

When I first found the forum “Zeroing In On Health” in 2009, I met Dana Spencer and was immediately inspired to be a 100% Zero Carb Carnivore. Dana was working tirelessly to help people begin a Zero Carb diet, and has continued spreading the message of an all-meat diet ever since.

Dana has worked with many thousands of new Carnivores over the past 12 years, but she has never given an interview or public talk….Until now!! You will LOVE her.

In this video, you’ll also hear what Dana has to say about salt. It’s unexpected and goes against some current popular advice, but try to have an open mind. She’s got something important to say, and I’m blessed to help her share it!

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6 Responses

  1. Erica

    Great! So fun because I’m new and been wondering about it. I’ll be following!
    I think salt makes me retain water. I have used more lately since I heard it would help and heard about snake juice etc but now I guess it’s the opposite.

  2. Joy

    Well, I have to feed my horses salt because plants lack salt and are rich in potassium. Horses will get sick without salt. Carnivore animals do not need salt and hate it usually. I have cut way back on my salt and I’m fine

  3. Kelly

    I am definately one of those people who take electrolytes cause I feel so horrible if I dont.

  4. Duncan

    Thanks so much for this. I have been keto for 2.5 years and now zero carbs for three months and drinking salt (pink Himalayan) morning, noon and night and wondering why I am getting headaches and strange cramps and twitches. I woke up this morning with particularly severe ankle/shin lock and thought “It has to be the salt”. I got on the computer, discovered The Bear through and then thought “I bet Kelly will have something on this” and sure enough you do. Dana has confirmed it for me. Thank you.

  5. Karen Kemi

    I don’t salt like I used to but I still enjoy it on certain meats

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