Ep. 18: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Carnivore

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Want to try Carnivore, but wonder how you can get started?

I made a video with Laura Spath and Brandon Crouch that will hopefully answer every question you’ve ever had about starting a Carnivore diet! 

We tackle:  What should I buy? What can I eat?  How can I add variety?  Should I fast?  Can I use seasonings? Do Carnivores drink alcohol? Should I tell people I’m doing this? Can I still exercise?  Is seafood okay? How will I poop??  Will my cholesterol go crazy high!?  Is this healthy in the long-term?? 

…and every other question you have about Carnivore.  🙂

If you think of one that I missed, let me know in the comments!  

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3 Responses

  1. Annemarie Brant

    Hi just starting basically could tell me the method on how you make your beef patties mine are falling apart.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–cannot say I have much of a method beyond using a good 80/20 hamburger, then shaping a big fistful of beef in my hands into a ball, then patting them somewhat flat. Fat makes a good binder–no need for anything like an egg or something else. Hope that helps! //jdh

  2. Jessica

    Hi Kelly,

    I started Keto back in February of this year. Mostly I have felt great and I do perfect for about three weeks then totally bomb it by giving in to carb cravings. Salty fries are my weakness. Also after about 3 weeks straight keto I start feeling very sluggish. It happens around the same time frame every time. I do have low thyroid and I take bio identical thyroid hormones. I have been really delving into the information on the carnivore lifestyle to try and break my carb cravings but I am concerned about my thyroid. My doctor is of the opinion that I shouldn’t even do keto long term but cycle in and out. But from testimonials of other people with similar conditions I don’t know what to think. Have you had any experience with anyone doing carnivore with thyroid and adrenal issues or is there any references for information I can look into to be able to inform myself? I have been reading your blog and it really has spoken encouragement to me.

    Thank You

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