Ep. 18: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Carnivore

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Want to try Carnivore, but wonder how you can get started?

I made a video with Laura Spath and Brandon Crouch that will hopefully answer every question you’ve ever had about starting a Carnivore diet! 

We tackle:  What should I buy? What can I eat?  How can I add variety?  Should I fast?  Can I use seasonings? Do Carnivores drink alcohol? Should I tell people I’m doing this? Can I still exercise?  Is seafood okay? How will I poop??  Will my cholesterol go crazy high!?  Is this healthy in the long-term?? 

…and every other question you have about Carnivore.  🙂

If you think of one that I missed, let me know in the comments!  

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4 Responses

  1. Annemarie Brant

    Hi just starting basically could tell me the method on how you make your beef patties mine are falling apart.

    • jamesdhogan

      Kel’s husband James here–cannot say I have much of a method beyond using a good 80/20 hamburger, then shaping a big fistful of beef in my hands into a ball, then patting them somewhat flat. Fat makes a good binder–no need for anything like an egg or something else. Hope that helps! //jdh

  2. Jessica

    Hi Kelly,

    I started Keto back in February of this year. Mostly I have felt great and I do perfect for about three weeks then totally bomb it by giving in to carb cravings. Salty fries are my weakness. Also after about 3 weeks straight keto I start feeling very sluggish. It happens around the same time frame every time. I do have low thyroid and I take bio identical thyroid hormones. I have been really delving into the information on the carnivore lifestyle to try and break my carb cravings but I am concerned about my thyroid. My doctor is of the opinion that I shouldn’t even do keto long term but cycle in and out. But from testimonials of other people with similar conditions I don’t know what to think. Have you had any experience with anyone doing carnivore with thyroid and adrenal issues or is there any references for information I can look into to be able to inform myself? I have been reading your blog and it really has spoken encouragement to me.

    Thank You

  3. Ro

    Going from keto to what I’ve learned to be carnivore all naturally, without giving it much thought. That tells me it’s real and good. Quite amazing little journey! Looking forward to excluding plants and plant products all together.

    I have Crohn’s Disease and am being told to stick to lean meat and avoid animal fat but must give it another try and perhaps slowly condition the body to get used to animal fat. Have had coconut and olive oils because I could digest them well but reading now that they aren’t as healthy as I thought they were. Especially olive oil, I strongly suspect, is causing ringing in my ears (Tinnitus). I’ve always been told that plants and vegetables are easier for the body to digest but aparently that’s a big lie. Things I’m reading make sense. Keto gave me a whole new mental strength, which I needed, and carnivore looks to be taking it even further, which is pure magic.

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