Every day I hear from friends and followers who hit a bump or a roadblock in their journeys to live a Zero Carb life. And I get it–there are parts of this that can be difficult! That’s why, starting in 2020, I’m offering personalized coaching to a select group of My Zero Carb Life clients.

Group Coaching Sessions

Carnivore Coaching

  • Geared toward both new and experienced carnivores who need help with breaking carb/sugar addiction, tips for getting started, support, accountability, carnivore basics and beyond!
  • One month of Zoom sessions (4 sessions over four weeks; each session is 1 hour long)
  • Group members invited to private Facebook group for additional support
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available by email to group members

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Long-term Personal CoachingCurrently Full

As your MZCL Coach, I will offer resources, tips, and above all personal support as you go along this journey. With daily check-ins and weekly coaching sessions, you can count on me as a friend to help you achieve your personal goals.

Resources and Tips. As a member of my coaching squad, you’ll receive regular emails with resources for eliminating carbs, and tips for how to manage difficult situations you encounter.

Daily accountability. We’ll communicate daily through text messages to make sure you have what you need to get through whatever’s ahead for your day.

Weekly check-in meetings. Every week, we’ll schedule a one-hour meeting to talk through how you’re doing, what you’re struggling with, and how to plan for what’s ahead. Once a month, we’ll schedule a longer meeting, and if you’re in the central NC geographic area, we’ll schedule a meal together or a face-to-face meeting. (Please note we will follow public health guidelines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we are all staying safe.) Those outside of central NC will receive an extended video conference call.

Your satisfaction is important. Every coaching relationship is unique, and my goal is for you to feel comfortable in our work together. If you are not satisfied with your progress or our coaching relationship, simply cancel in the first 30 days to receive a full refund.